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Sicily Will Literally Pay For You To Visit After The Coronavirus Pandemic

They'll cover half your flight ticket, plus hotel fees!
PHOTO: istockphoto

It's going to be a tough couple of months for the global tourism industry, so much so that heavy-traffic tourist destinations have started getting creative and campaigning to lure people.

Sicily, for one, is skipping catchy jingles and other advertising techniques by going straight to the point with money. The Italian island is straight-up paying half of your flight, as well as hotel costs just for you to visit.

Now, that sounds good already but it isn't even half of the whole deal. For every three nights, you'll get one free stay at a hotel. The regional government will also provide tourists with vouchers for a number of cultural and heritage activities around the island.

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As of this writing, the pandemic has stabilized in Sicily. The Sicilian Region reported fewer hospitalizations on May 4, but the region remains a protected area with severe nationwide limits on travel.