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19 Places To Include In Your Taiwan Itinerary In 2019

Zai jian, we're headed to Taiwan!
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Taiwan is one of the visa-free countries Pinoys can visit (at least until July 2019 for now). That means you get a chance to experience dreamy seasons like spring (read: cherry blossoms!). You can also make a budget of 20,000 or less work for a week-long trip in this must-visit country. On top of that, there are plenty of photogenic stops (Read our guide on what to wear in Taiwan) you can add to your itinerary! Check out your options:

  1. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

    Most of you or your friends who’ve been to Taiwan won’t let the trip pass without stopping by here. Did you know that this popular tourist spot is a monument to a former President of the Republic of China? It’s within a public plaza called Liberty Square and is adjacent to the National Theater and the National Concert Hall. The grandiose architecture is definitely a sight to see for first-timers and a great background for a snap on your feed.

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  2. Taipei Fine Arts Museum

    Various exhibitions are curated by this museum, and each one is bound to be interesting, especially for artsy folks. Aside from the art, the airy spaces of the museum are perfect IG snap settings. A ticket won’t set you back a lot, as it just costs NTD 30 (about P55) But if you’re super tipid, you can visit the free galleries or take advantage of the free admission during Saturday nights.

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  3. National Taichung Theater

    Here’s another IG-worthy building you can check out. This one’s in Xitun District, which you can easily reach through the local BRT (bus rapid transit). Just get off at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Stop and walk from there. Marvel at the modern structures during daytime, or appreciate the cool lighting design installed, too, at night. 

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  4. Rainbow Church

    This colorful art installation can be found in Qijin Island—a five-minute ferry ride from Kaohsiung City. The seaside prismatic structures is bound to make any photo pop—especially when you visit when it’s bright and sunny or during ~*golden hour*~. The Qijin Wind Power Park, an eco-theme park with wind turbines and other attractions, is also nearby. P.S. It’s not a real place of worship!

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  5. Beimen Crystal Church

    This picturesque open-air structure, though, is an actual church, and it’s a popular location for weddings and photoshoots. Located in Tainan, Beimen Crystal Church can be such a magnet for tourists, and the easiest way to reach it is by taking a cab. But photos of the place look like they’re worth the trip, don’t you think?

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  6. Qingjing Farm

    All year long, this scenic spot can just take all your stress away. The amazing views of the lush green grasslands, the flowery hills, and the fresh air—what more could you ask for? Sheep, of course! Catch these cute creatures in the farm, and just forget the busy city for a while. Qingjing Farm is a five-hour bus ride away from Taipei, but it’s a must-visit for nature lovers.

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  7. Zhong She Guanguang Flower Market or Houli Flower Farm

    Head to this market in Taichung for spectacular fields of flowers. The best time to visit is between January through March for tulip season. But there are several blooms at other times, too—think: lavenders, lilies, and sunflowers! The admission fee ranges from NTD 120 to NTD 150 (about P210 to P270), depending on the season you visit.

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  8. Tianliao Moon World

    If you have a more eccentric taste, check out this stretch of barren land. The desolation brought by natural erosions have become an attractive sight for tourists. It’s especially striking if you’re wondering what the surface of the moon might look like, but there are art installations for those looking for cute backdrops. To get here, ride the TRA (Taiwan Railways Administration), and get off at Kaohsiung Station. Then, take the Kaohsiung bus toward Chishan, and alight at the stop for Moon World.

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  9. Shifen Old Street

    This busy road is lined with food stalls and on its path is the Ping Hsi railway track. Aside from going on trying the local fares and taking pics at this charming street, you can also design your own paper lantern and make a wish. This costs around NTD 150 to NTD 200 (or about P270 to P360).

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  10. Shifen Waterfall

    Just a 15- to 20-minute walk away from Shifen Old Street is Taiwan’s mini Niagara falls. Be cautioned, though, as the journey to this hidden treasure entails climbing flights of stairs, which could be a problem if you’re traveling with older family members. The whole trip to Shifen from Taipei takes about two hours, but all the sights to see and activities to keep you busy can make the commute a breeze.

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  11. Jiufen

    Alongside from Shifen, this destination is popular among travelers, and it’s closer to the city, too. The best way to spend your time in Jiufen? Eat your way through its version of Old Street! Try glutinous rice cakes, peanut ice cream rolls, taro balls, and fish ball soups. You can also visit the traditional teahouses and catch the stunning sunset.

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  12. Sanxiantai

    This area in Taitung, on the other hand, is famous for its eight-arc bridge on the beach. The majestic site includes three huge rocks, where three of China's Eight Immortals supposedly once landed. (FYI: Sanxiantai actually means "terrace of the three immortals.”) To get here, take the TRA to Hualien Station, then take the Hualien Bus toward Taitung and get off at Sanxiantai stop.

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  13. Laomei Green Reef

    Head to the Shimen District for another dose of nature’s wonders. What makes it unique is the algae formation that peaks after the monsoons from April to May die down. Green blankets cover the neat rock formations and make the coast so Instagrammable! Reach this area by taking the MRT to Tamsui Station, transferring to the Tamsui or Keelung Bus, and alighting at Laomei stop.

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  14. Yehliu Geopark

    On the northern coast of Taiwan, you’ll land upon an area that will give you the feels of Dubai in photos. IRL, you’ll see unique rock formations in the shape of mushrooms and ginger among others. You can also explore caves in the area. It will be affordable to commute from Taipei, but you can also book a hassle-free day tour to Yehlui Geopark.

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  15. Yangmingshan National Park

    As one of the national parks of Taiwan, Yangmingshan in Beitou boasts mountainous sceneries, natural hot springs, and sulfur crystals. There are also fields of flowers—including cherry blossom blooms around March to early April. Aside from enjoying the breathtaking views, you can explore the plants and check out the ancient summer home of Chiang Kai-shek.

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  16. Elephant Mountain Trail

    Without a doubt, taking the Elephant Mountain Trail is the most accessible way to get the best view of Taipei 101, the iconic skyscraper of Taiwan. You’ll be taking a lot of stairs and up to 20 minutes to reach the top to be rewarded with a splendid city view. After the hike, you can head to the nearby Xinyi Shopping District for souvenirs and filling food!

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  17. Teapot Mountain

    If you’re up for a more challenging hike, head to Teapot Mountain (named such because the peak is shaped like a teapot sans the handle). Start by going to the Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park and proceed to conquering about two kilometers’ worth of stairs. Move on to easy-to-complex levels of trails for a total hike of 11 kilometers. For your safety and ultimate enjoyment, make sure you hike when the weather is nice and the skies are clear.

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  18. Shilin Night Market

    This popular night market is one of the ultimate destinations for Taiwanese street food. Try the oyster omelet, fried buns, and the infamous Stinky Tofu. Don’t forget to try the local bubble tea, too! Reach the Shilin Night Market through the Red Line 2 of the MRT. Head to Jiantan Station (and not Shilin Station), take Exit 1, and cross the street to enter the night market.

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  19. Ximending Youth Shopping District

    Of course, you can’t leave Taiwan without doing some shopping, and one of the best places to do it is in “Taipei’s Harajuku.” Aside from the clothing stores and other boutiques for souvenirs, check out the clubs, bars, and eclectic restaurants. Try the popular Hotstar fried chicken, too! You can take Exit 6 of Ximen Station to reach this area.

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