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10 Things To Try In Cebu For An Amazing Vacation

Cebu has something for every kind of traveler.
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Other than its renowned beaches, historical landmarks, colorful festivals, and unmatched lechon, Cebu has a ton of activities waiting to be discovered by all types of travelers. Whether you’re looking for a calming trip to be one with nature, or an exciting vacation filled with new experiences only the bold would try, Cebu’s long list of ventures seem to never end.

Check out this list below for you to make the most out of the Queen City of the south!

  1. Go whale shark watching in Oslob.

    Diving and snorkeling are your usual must-do’s on a trip to Cebu’s stunning beaches, but swimming with whale sharks is something on a whole new level. After all, it’s not every day you get to literally swim with the sharks and live to tell the tale! See these majestic beasts up close in Oslob.

  2. Face your fears through the Sky Experience.

    Love that adrenaline rush you get from anything extreme? Cebu’s famous Sky Experience at Crown Regency allows you to do the most thrilling activities from within the city—perfect for those who don’t want to go too far. Zipline from one building to another, walk on the edge of a skyscraper, or hop on the Edge Coaster for a ride that’s more intense than your usual theme park roller coaster. You’ll definitely leave the place feeling like a champ!

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  3. Take on some athletic obstacles at Danasan Eco Park Adventure.

    Adventure-seekers are in luck when they head to Cebu, because a number of experiences await them at Danasan Eco Park Adventure. Aside from your usual zip-lining and ATV driving, you can also try sky biking, various water sports, and more. Not into activities that are way too intense? Horseback riding, waterfall explorations, and even hot baths are also available for a more calming and relaxing day outdoors.

  4. Spot your favorite wild animals at Cebu Safari and Adventure Park.

    Animal lovers are in for a treat at Cebu Safari and Adventure Park. This nature reserve houses multiple wild species you never thought you’d see in the Philippines, from lions, zebras, and meerkats to exotic, wild birds. If you’re in the mood for something a little extra other than hopping on a safari truck to see them, you can also opt for the park’s Bird Feeding Experience.

  5. Beat the tropical heat at Snow World Cebu.

    Cebu getting a little too hot for your liking? Snow World lets you venture through a vibrant world of ice and snow right in the middle of a tropical city. You get to marvel at ice sculptures, make snow angels, and slide down hills. Snow World is also located inside Anjo World, a theme park in Cebu that’s awesome for groups of friends or families.

  6. Parasail over Cebu’s crystal clear waters.

    Every Filipino knows that Cebu has got a larger-than-life landscape. What better way to take in the view than parasailing? Get strapped on to a colorful sail and be hauled through the skies by a speeding boat and relish Mactan’s scenery like you never have before.

  7. Explore Badian’s forests and falls through a canyoneering adventure.

    The cliffs of Badian are renowned as one of the best canyoneering spots in the Philippines. Those fond of outdoor adventures absolutely have to try trekking, rappelling, and cliff-diving here due to its ethereal surroundings and picturesque terrain. The famous Kawasan Falls are also located around the area, where you can snap a gorgeous photo or two for Instagram.

  8. Don’t miss out on some good old-fashioned island hopping.

    Of course, nothing beats your usual island hopping trip when in Cebu. After all, a lot of pristine islands and beaches await you. Some islands you might want to visit include Nalusuan, Pandanon, Carnaza, and Bantayan among many others. Pack up those bottles of sunscreen because their white sand shores look irresistible to lounge on!

  9. Bike through flower fields at a colorful flower farm.

    Flower farms are always worth a visit wherever you may be for your vacation. You can try out Cebu’s Celosia Flower Farm, filled with flame-like celosia blooms available for viewing all year round, or Sirao Flower Farm, fondly called the city’s Little Amsterdam. If you want to make the most out of your time here, rent a bike and cycle through its trails as the flowers’ scents fill the air around you.

  10. Escape the city hustle and bustle through a resort staycation.

    Cebu has an abundance of resorts that are more than enough to keep you occupied for a relaxing staycation. Some of them even offer kayaking activities that you can try from the comfort of their premises—no tours or day trips needed! Once you’re in the mood for a break, go for a massage at your chosen resort’s in-house spa for a satisfying end to your Cebu vacation.