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This Fun Spa Lets You Bathe In Wine, Tea, Coffee, And Ramen

It's a little weird, but we're into it.

Go ahead and add Yunessun Spa Resort to your bucket list! This spa-themed park in Hakone, Japan offers a unique and quirky experience. Not only does it have water rides and video games, it also lets you soak in coffee, tea, wine, and ramen—just a few of our favorite things!

But these aren't just for show: "Green tea has anti-oxidant benefits, red wine has 'rejuvenating' effects, and coffee (surprise, surprise) is great for an energy boost."

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What about ramen though? Nerdist reports, "apparently, the collagen in the pork-based broth bath is what will give your skin a healthier glow and will aid in moisture retention." Not that we needed more convincing—ramen is always a good idea. 

P.S. It's tempting, but *don't* sneak in a taste! 

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