10 Truths Every Twentysomething Must Accept

Money matters A LOT.
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1. You have very few real friends. 

Socializing was easier in high school and college because you saw those same people every single day. It was effortless. But when you're sent out into the real world, you become focused on finding your place in the workforce. Your time becomes more valuable and sometimes, you really just don't have the energy for weekly inuman sessions. As a result, unstable friendships quietly dissolve. And that's okay. 

2. Being passionate about your job is rare. 

Listen, everybody wants to wake up excited to do their job, but the reality is that not everyone has that privilege. Sometimes, knowing that you're able to keep a roof above your head, pay your bills on time, and feed yourself is more than enough. GOOD FOR YOU! 

3. Also, there is no such thing as "the perfect job."

Even people who are passionate about their job hate certain aspects of it (like if you love coming up with new ideas, but have to deal with accounting). It's important to see the big picture. 

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4. Some of your friends are financially more successful.

Some industries are really just more lucrative. It's best to avoid comparing your lives and your paychecks to other people's (unless you're in the same industry and you're comparing to make sure that you're being compensated fairly). Focus on your own path and be happy for your friends. Remember: finance is not the only measure of success.

5. Money makes the world go 'round. 

That said, money is still very important. No one can deny that. Though we'd like to believe that we can do without it, money feeds us, keeps the lights on and the water running, clothes us, pays for school, and so on. There's no shame in wanting to make more in order to save more. Passion can only do so much. 

6. You can't avoid failure.

If you've managed to come out of your teen years unscathed, you're lucky! But you also need to know that you are bound to fail. And we don't just mean little mistakes like forgetting to pay your phone bill and sending an email to the wrong person. We're talking about heartbreaking failures. It doesn't matter how much you plan or how hardworking you are, you're going to fail at something. It's okay to cry about it. In fact, you NEED to cry about it before you get back up. 

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7. In many ways, high school never ends. 

As much as we want to tell you that all the drama and all the fake bullshit is over once you graduate from school, it's not. Pettiness is eternal. Some people still care about appearances and superficial things. There are those who still need to be "popular." Do your own thing. (Also, run. Run as far away from these people as you figuratively can.)

8. Love is fucking hard.

Oh, god. Not everyone has a meet-cute. Most of us are just trying to meet guys who aren't hell bent on sending us a dick pic. And even when you do, building a relationship and picturing a life with someone is no easy feat. 

9. People make mistakes. 

You'll be disappointed in people, much more than you thought you'd be and in bigger ways than you've ever experienced. Guess what? You can't drop every person who fails you. That's not what friendship is about; that's not what love is about. Learn to forgive. 

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10. Sometimes, terrible people win. 

Yup. And you'll be left wondering, "What the fuck? Did that just happen?" Roll your eyes. Scream. Inhale, exhale. Move on na

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