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This App Reveals Who's Unfollowed You On Instagram

This sh*t is real. I tried it out myself!
PHOTO: istockphoto

Because there is literally no mystery left in this world, there are now apps that tell you when someone's unfollowed you. After meticulously studying them (jk, I literally just downloaded every free app I could find and picked the prettiest one), I recommend trying Followers.

After you download the app, it'll ask for access to your Instagram account before it shows you a mirrored profile:

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I asked my officemate Lou to unfollow me to see if the action is reflected on Followers. I had to click the refresh button, but true enough, the move was recorded:

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And before you ask, yes, you can check to see who unfollowed you:

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Followers also shows you who among the people you follow don't follow you back:

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And if it's something you need to know, the app even shows you who among your followers you don't follow back. Unfortunately, statistics on how much your followers and ~*secret admirers*~ show you Insta love are only available if you're willing to pay a fee. 

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