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7 Desk Lamps To Buy If Your Work Space Needs Better Lighting

Especially if you're having a hard time focusing on your tasks.

If I could turn back time, one thing I wish I invested in sooner (as in three months ago) is a desk lamp. It would've made my abrupt shift to working from home so much easier. Relying on my ceiling light has made me realize that I feel less productive when it starts getting dark outside.

According to Forbes, bad lighting is associated with "eye strain, headaches, fatigue, and also stress and anxiety in more high-pressured work environments." I moved my desk slightly closer to the window to catch that oh-so-beautiful natural light, but now I'm also thinking of buying a desk lamp. If you're in the same boat, here are some options I found online. 

90 percent of my stuff is black so that's why I immediately went for this. It's simple & sleek!
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SM Home Basic Study Lamp, P249.75,

But also, like, maybe I need a little bit of color in my life?

Akari Jr. Desk Lamp ADL-SJP927, P299.75,

This one just makes me think my at-home office is gonna look super classy.

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Akari Desk Lamp ADL-M708, P499.75,

How cute is this minimalist lamp?!

Svallet Work Lamp, P595, Furniture Source

This one just made me crack up so I had to include it!


Akari Unicorn Lamp ADL-U620, P595, Lazada


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For when you mean serious business (or for when you have more wiggle room in your budget):


Omni LED Desk Lamp 5W DEL-1518, P899.75, Lazada


Honestly? I think I had similar one in college & I miss it. It also lasted for years so it was a good buy. 

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Kvart Work Lamp, P1,299, Furniture Source


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