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15 Things That Mean Something Different In Your 20s

Remember when we hated nap time?
PHOTO: Nick Onken

1. Baon

What it used to mean: What you wanted to “accidentally leave at home” so you can eat someone else’s.
What it means now: Tira-tira you have to fight for so you don’t have to use your own money for lunch.  

2. Healthy eating

What it means now: Kamote. Kale. Kill me.

3. Salary + Benefits

What it used to mean: Having the ability to make it rain! Meron nang pang shopping!
What it means now: Health insurance… after regularization.

4. Kids

What it used to mean: What you thought you wanted before you turned 25 so you can be a young and hip mom.
What it means now: World’s most effective birth control.

5. Chores

What it used to mean: Something you had to be forced to do (or paid to do).
What it means now: What you end up doing when you want to avoid actual work and deadlines.

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6. Friday

What it used to mean: The time to call your barkada, dress up, and hit all the clubs!
What it means now: Feeling relieved when plans are canceled because it’s you and Netflix against the world.

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7. Friends

What it used to mean: People you couldn’t wait to hang out with!
What it means now: Ross. Rachel. Monica. Chandler. Phoebe. Joey.

8. Parents

What it used to mean: Strict, controlling people who didn’t get you.
What it means now: People who save you from starvation when your paycheck isn’t cooperating.

9. Stability

What it used to mean: Trying not to fall or get hit while learning a new sport or activity for P.E.
What it means now: Trying not to go cray after an encounter with a paasa guy.

10. Phone call

What it used to mean: How you catch up with a friend or a loved one.
What it means now: Somebody has died, or the market crashed, or a deadline has been moved up—because otherwise, why didn’t they just text you?

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11. Bachelorette or bridal party

What it used to mean: One of the most exciting parts of every wedding celebration!
What it means now: RIP bank account.

12. Naps

What it used to mean: Something that got in the way of laro time.
What it means now: Something you regret complaining about. Why aren’t naps mandatory anymore?

13. Traffic

What it used to mean: Eh, it’s not the best, but it's not your problem.
What it means now: 2 hours of daydreaming, wishing you were literally anywhere else but here.

14. Adulthood

What it used to mean: F R E E D O M !
What it means now: Avoiding relatives who keep nagging you about your relationship status.

15. Love life

What it used to mean: A rom-com, but IRL.
What it means now: LOL, WHAT LOVE LIFE? 

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