7 TV Commercials Guaranteed To Give You The Feels

Goosebumps, guaranteed.

Empowering ads don't always come our way. We're still flooded with ones that objectify women and that portray them as superficial beauty- or weight-obsessed people. The men don't have it easy either, with them being pressured to "be a man" with their brawn (which they should have or else they'll be ostracized). As for the gay and transgender community, well, they're still hardly present in today's media.

So when there are ads that encourage us to be ourselves (because it is GREAT to be ourselves), they should be watched and rewatched. Their messages should be taken to heart and lived out.

Sport England: This Girl Can (2015)

Because screw people who say women can't do sports, shouldn't get sweaty, and should have bodies that don't jiggle.

Pantene Philippines: Labels Against Women (2013)

Some of the labels people throw at us are meant to bring us down. We shouldn't let them.

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Anouk: Bold and Beautiful (2015)

This Indian ad for ethnic wear shows a lesbian couple standing up for their relationship, despite their families' conservative beliefs. 

GetUp!: It's Time (2011)

This ad clearly promotes marriage equality and shows that the love between two doting gay men is beautiful. #NoShame

Always: #LikeAGirl (2014)

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Because WTF does the phrase "like a girl" even mean? If you associate it with "weak," well, you have a problem and are part of the problem.

Gillette Venus: #UseYourAnd (2015)

Because you are not just beautiful. You're beautiful AND a whole lot more. You're smart and then some. You can be an athelte AND a model, and so many other things. You're complex!

MoneySuperMarket: #EpicStrut (2015)

Because it's totally cool to strut your stuff when something big and great just happened to you. Whether you're male or female!

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