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DepEd Will Be Looking Into The Viral Case Of A Teacher On Raffy Tulfo's Show

The teacher was pressured to resign and to give up her license.
PHOTO: Instagram/raffytulfoinaction

Netizens are buzzing about the issue surrounding a teacher who was accused of humiliating a student, ever since the case was aired on the show of broadcaster Raffy Tulfo

A grandmother filed a complaint against the teacher who sent her grandson outside the classroom after he failed to submit a report card. The teacher, who apologized and claimed she was merely disciplining the student, was pressured by Tulfo on the show to quit her job and to give up her license. 

In a statement, The Department Of Education (DepEd) said it would "take care and protect both the learner and teacher through due process which is already existing at all levels of governance."

In a video uploaded on November 22, Friday, Tulfo stated he would listen to netizens' pleas to not have the teacher resign and have her license revoked, and said he would instead encourage the parent and the teacher to come to a reconciliation. 


DepEd also urged the public to refrain from sharing videos of the incident or photos of the teacher and the student to prevent "further impact on them and their families."

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