11 Reasons Why You Should Date A Guy With His Own Apartment

There'll be no moms walking in on you doing R-18 things!

1. He’s responsible enough to manage and pay his own bills. You know, like a real #adult. That he can afford to be independent is a great indication of where he is in his life.

2. You have an alternative sleeping space. Should you be too scared to sleep at home alone in your creepy apartment after that crazy horror movie you guys just saw, at least you know you have another bed to snooze in. More reasons to cuddle are always a win!

3. You can get a sense of how he lives. Does he clean up after himself? Is he stocked up on groceries? Does he own any pets? These are the difficult questions that need answering! Well, not really, but at least you can gauge how he takes care of his everyday existence.

4. You’ll always have a reason to come over and whip him up a meal. You two need to utilize his underused kitchen. Insta-dinner: how romantic!

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5. There’ll be no moms walking in on you doing R-18 things! The embarrassment of getting caught mid-intercourse is a legit fear. Those who have experienced it know this all too well.

6. Guys who live on their own are pretty efficient when it comes to handiwork around the household. He’ll ace fixing up your leaky pipes, unscrewed light bulbs, and broken toilet seats.

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7. He’s killed a cockroach or seven many a time! Which he’d bravely do for you should you encounter one at your own apartment…unless of course it’s a flying ipis! If that’s the case, you’re on your own.

8. He’s aware of the concept of spring cleaning. He knows that it can have the most cathartic effects. Now you can tap him to lend you a hand when it’s time to do yours.

9. You guys will have two places to revel in your JOMO (joy of missing out) when you don’t feel like drinking or partying on a Friday night. Line up the unwatched series episodes, order in, and start your own party!

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10. He’s carving out an identity of his own. Which is kind of difficult to do when you’re still under the roof of your parents, who pay the bills, feed you, and even wash your underwear. At a certain point you just have to flee from the nest.

11. If you stay over every so often, it can serve as a dry run for your future plans of sharing a living space. Seems like a cool idea 'til you start arguing over toiletry space, showering dibs, and drinking the milk straight from the carton. Cohabitation, it really is so much fun!

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