13 Sex Moves That Can Get You Pregnant

Yes, you can get pregnant with period sex.

1. Having bareback sex the second (or third) time, even if he pulls out.

Remember: It only takes ONE sperm to fertilize an egg. Pulling out before he ejaculates puts you at risk of getting pregnant because pre-cum can contain sperm especially after the first round of sex.

If your guy pees after Round 1, your chances of getting pregnant decrease but it doesn't hit zero. Moral of the story? Have more than one condom around, and use it!

2. Having period sex without a condom.

Sperm can live inside you for two to five days. If your cycle is short, you ovulate earlytoo early that sperm could still be inside you and fertilize an egg. The probability is low, but it's there. So yes, it is possible to get pregnant.

3. Making your guy wear two condoms "in case one breaks."

One condom is all you need for one sesh. The friction of two or more condoms will cause them to break. And because you don't know if a condom got torn while you're getting busy, you'll find out all too late that his semen leaked.

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4. Letting your guy put some lube on his penis before he wears a condom.

Horror of horrors, that can make the condom slip and get lost inside you while you're having sex. This is really, really bad if he already came.

5. Using the wrong kind of lube on him.

Don't use oil-based lube like baby oil or petroleum jelly. Oil-based lube weakens the latex, resulting in a damaged condom, which protects you less effectively.

6. Tearing the condom package with your teeth.

Admittedly, this can be really hot. But you seriously do not want anything sharp (except for the penis) near the really thin rubber. You might rip it as you open the wrapper if you're not careful at all. If you really want to use your teeth, be sure to stay on the corners. Otherwise, use your fingers!

7. Thinking that sex standing up won't get you pregnant.

Gravity does not stop the sperm from going up to your ovaries. A condom will, if worn properly.

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8. Putting the condom on however way you want to.

Yes, there is a proper way of doing it! Don't know how? Follow these steps:

  • Place the condom on the tip of the erect penis, with the rolled side out.
  • Pinch the tip to leave a half-inch space for the semen to collect. (BTW, NEVER unroll the condom before putting it on. If the penis is not circumcised, pull back the foreskin before rolling the condom.)
  • Hold the tip, then unroll the condom all the way to the base of the penis.
  • Smooth out any air bubbles. Air bubbles can cause the condom to break.
  • If you struggle putting it on, you could be rolling the condom from the wrong side. To take off the condom, DON’T roll it back up. Hold it near the rim and slide it off. Use a new condom.

9. Using an expired condom.

An expired condom is less effective in protecting you from getting pregnant. Before you use one, check the date on the packaging.

10. Not using a condom, period.

If you're not on any birth control method and you're sexually active, your chances of getting pregnant are high. If you're not taking your pill consistenly/regularly, using a condom properly will keep the sperm away.

11. Letting him wear a condom only after some thrusting and before he comes.

While pre-cum generally doesn't have sperm, your guy's pre-cum might have some. (There's no way of knowing for sure just yet, especially not when you guys are too horny and busy.) That means not using a condom early in the sesh still makes it possible for you to get pregnant.

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12. Letting your guy withdraw the wrong way.

Does he know how to pull out safely? After he ejaculates and before his penis softens, he should grip the rim of the condom and then withdraw. Be mindful of that!

13. Letting him come on your vulva.

If the semen gets near or on the vaginal opening, the sperm cells can swim further into the vagina and even fertilize an egg.

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