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13 Things Only Girls Caught In A Forbidden Love Understand

Lakas mong tumakas, ha!

1. You’re the takas queen.

At first you were afraid to fabricate a story to your parents so you could go out with your guy, but eventually you became a pro. You wish you didn’t have to lie because you know it’s wrong, but you’re in love. There’s no way you can resist being with the person you love most!

2. You feel strong sticking with your partner.

You feel like you can go against the world because you love each other in spite and because of your differences and all the difficulties. Not a lot of people have that kind of love, so you also feel like a lucky girl.

3. You’re idealistic.

You believe that love can conquer anything and everything, and that love is enough for two people to be and stay together. Even if others think that those kinds of relationships don’t last, you think they’re cynical. You keep believing.

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4. You go through so much panic whenever your parents would call you during your dates.

You think, “DO THEY KNOW I’M OUT WITH HIM?!” You don’t know if you should pick up or just silent your phone. Whenever you opt to ignore their calls, the next time you check your phone you have 14 missed calls and six messages from your mom and your dad.

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5. You have a small group of friends you can talk to about your guy, and you’re happy to have them.

They have faith in your relationship too. <3

6. Every now and then, either you or your partner will think of breaking up.

One of you will think that maybe you guys shouldn’t be together. It could be because he thinks you’re better off with someone else or that he’ll never be accepted by your family. These moments of doubt are normal in taboo relationships.

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7. You or your partner will convince the other that what you have is right.

Because moments of doubt are a normal occurrence, you have to have a lot of patience. You need to assure one another very often that the love will endure. One of you has to be the anchor. It’s one of the ways that the relationship can last.

8. You feel like your love life is a great romance movie waiting to be written.

So. much. drama.

9. In spite of all the drama, you’re so happy to have him.

So happy that everyone saw and felt how happy you are! Isn’t that one of the best kinds of happiness?

10. Getting caught being with him is a bitch.

Your parents might have snooped, you could’ve become very careless. Either way, you’re sermoned. You’re watched 24/7. You’re grounded. You’re forced to break up with him and delete all your messages, so it would be like he never existed in your life. And your parents not only shame you; they shame him too. Your dad? He threatens to shoot the poor fellow.

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11. Your breakup was kind of weird.

We mean the real breakup, the one after you still tried to sneak around again to make the relationship work. One of you said shit like “Let’s go our separate ways for now” and about getting back together in X years, as if things will still be the same. And you might believe it too until…

12. You eventually move on from that guy and your taboo relationship.

It wasn’t easy or quick, but life happens. The world isn’t just that one guy, and you know that now, years after your breakup. There are so many other guys out there, and so many things you can do to keep yourself occupied and make yourself grow.

13. You fall in love again, this time with someone you can tell the world about without shame and drama.

You love someone your family and friends love too, and you know now that things don’t have to be super difficult for love to be more real or true. Love is love. And being able to share it just makes you feel like everything is perfect in the world.

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