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13 Things To Know Before Dating A City Girl

If a guy's not supportive, he's out.

1. She goes through shit. She commutes, which means she has to deal with inconsiderate people who can't even line up, and she has to line up with all the heat and pollution for about an hour to get to work or go back home thanks to a terrible train system. She's probably been mugged once or knows someone who's been mugged so she's paranoid when she's walking the streets alone.

2. She doesn't look fresh all the time, but she does freshen up. Who on earth looks fresh while and after walking the streets of Manila on a hot day?! That's why she makes it a point to be early when meeting clients, friends, and a date so she has time to freshen up in the restroom.

3. She's busy. She's got work to do, and in the rare times she's got free time, she wants to have free time. She might say she's busy on a weekend even if she's not working, and that just means she wants some me-time to laze around all day. You can't blame her for that.

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4. She knows what she's looking for in a guy. Or at least she knows what she doesn't want in a guy. She doesn't want a guy who still hasn't grown up and can't support himself. She's got no time to play mom!

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5. She can sleep around if she wants to but she can't deal with drama. If she's in a hooking up phase, there's no pinning her down and forcing her to commit. It's possible that she doesn't want to be in a relationship at the moment, and that should be respected. Sure, she might end up breaking someone's heart, but she's decent enough to make it clear from the get-go that she doesn't want anything serious.

6. She really can't deal with an unsupportive guy. She's got dreams, she likes to try new things, and even experiments with her look. If a guy gives her hell for being herself or trying to be the person she wants to be, it's bye Felicia, thank you very much.

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7. She can afford splurging on a meal. Which means a guy wouldn't have to pay for the bill every single time they go on a date. Unless she's a high-maintenance girl, she knows life's hard for everybody and wouldn't mind paying for her own food or even treating the guy she's into. She's smart and practical that way.

8. She's not much of a cook. She's got betteror rather, more convenientthings to do like chill on her bed and watch movies or TV shows. She'll munch on chips or popcorn. She's got no time to cook, but when it comes to kitchen hacks or microwaving food, she's practically a pro.

9. She hardly has time to workout. Not to mention she's occasionally lazy. Her exercise is her daily commute, quick high-intensity training she sometimes forces herself to do, and sex.

10. She'd love a vacation. Who doesn't want this? Seeing places in the country and abroad is part of her bucket list, and she's smart enough to be saving up for it. She'll actually love anything that'll give her a break from the stressas long as it's on weekends or holidays, because she'll get extra stressed if otherwise.

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11. She's not afraid to get mad at someone, but she still picks her fights. She can't deal with someone who's impolite, lazy, fake, and stupid. She'll confront someone who's not doing her job well or to correct a mistake, but she'll keep her head down and walk briskly when a group of guys catcall her.

12. Surprises are a hit or miss. There's no way you can surprise her with an out of town trip on a weekday and not be confronted or flatout rejected. She needs a heads-up for those things. Flowers on the desk or sweet notes slipped here and there are most welcome, though. 

13. If she likes you, you're pretty much the priority. Trust that she knows people are more important than things. And if she likes you or is in love with you, you'll be on top of her list. You might not be number 1 (because that might be her or her family), but for sure you're a close second. She'll make time for you, and those weekends she had for me-time will be spent with you since you've become an essential part of her life.

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