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17 Naughty Sex Questions (Answered in 20 Words or Less)

When it comes to down-and-dirty advice, sometimes you're looking for drawn-out details. Other times, all you really want is a quickie. Here, Cosmo gives it to you as short and direct as possible.

1. What’s the easiest way to try 69?

Lie on top of him or position yourselves side by side.

2. What can I say mid-booty that isn’t too tame or too raunchy?

“You make me so wet.”

3. I want to get a little rough. How can I start?

Hold his hands above his head as you kiss him.

4. Which woman-on-top tweak will make the move sexier for him?

Lean back, and open your legs wide. He’ll love the view of his penis moving in and out of you.

5. What’s a sexy way to masturbate in front of him?

Dim the lights, sit against the headboard, and touch yourself slowly.

6. How can I use a vibrator on my guy?

Turn it to slow speed, and place it against the underside of his shaft at the base.

7. Where is his perineum, and how should I touch it?

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It’s the skin between a guy’s testicles and anus. Roll the pad of your thumb back and forth over it.

8. My boyfriend’s favorite position is doggie-style. What’s a similar move he’ll love?

Lie on your back on a table and have him stand up and enter you.

9. My guy and I want to try anal. Any tips?

Use loads of lube, and ease into it with a finger or two.

10. My jaw hurts after I give oral for several minutes. What will help?

Go slowly, and allow your jaw frequent breaks, during which you use only your tongue.

11. Where in my apartment should I have sex that I probably haven’t tried before?

On or against the bathroom sink

12. What’s the best food to bring into the bedroom?

Whipped cream in a spray can. Put it on any spot you want his mouth to be.

13. Does he like it better if I swallow?

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He’s just happy you’re down there in the first place—he’s not concerned with what you do with the aftermath.

14. If I don’t have lube, what can I use?


15. What part of my guy’s body should I touch while he’s penetrating me?

His testicles. Massage them lightly with your fingers.

16. What should I do after I tie him up?

Lick your way from his neck to his ankles and back again.

17. What’s the easiest position for shower sex?

Bend at the waist, brace yourself, and have him enter you from behind.