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3 Healthy Ways To Stroke His EGO


1. Gush Over The Tiny Tasks

"Men measure their worth through achievements and need them acknowledged," says psychologist Les Parrott, PhD, coauthor of Love Talk. He'll glow if you tell him he did a great job on anything from fixing your laptop to cooking kick-ass pasta.

2. Flatter His Fighting Style

For a deeper bond, butter up your guy post-argument, suggests therapist Robert H. Simmons, PhD, author of Beyond Romance: Making Love Last. Praise him for keeping a cool head or for telling you he was mad. Encouraging your guy to speak up when needed keeps the relationship growing.

3. Tailor Compliments For Him

Admiring a possession doesn't say much about the owner, so explain how the item accentuates him. "You add personal depth and have more impact by saying, for example, 'Your shirt brings out your eyes,' instead of 'I like your shirt,'"says Parrott.

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