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3 Musts To Keep You In Lust

Don't forget these bedroom behavior basics when you're getting it on with your guy. It's the simple things that keep the sex hot, hot, hot!
Sometimes the trick to keeping it steamy in the sack is to remember the basics. These bedroom behaviors are absolutely essential for stellar sex.
  1. Make noise.

    The key to getting what you want in bed is letting your partner know what excites you. Moans and groans are the ultimate, guys think it's hot.

  2. Flaunt your curves.

    Carnal confidence is sexy, so don't be afraid to work your bod. Besides, you can't focus on the good feelings if you're worrying about how you look.

  3. Shed some light.

    Guys get off on visual stimulation, as in he wants to see everything. That's hard to do when it's dark.

Source: Lou Paget, author of The Great Lover Playbook
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