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3 Ways To Control His Pace

Do you think your sack sessions are too quick for your taste? Get him to take more time with these simple Cosmo tips.

Worried that slow sex might not really be his thing because he... er... peaks sooner than you expect? You can exert some control over his climax.

1. Tame his touches.

When his strokes grow faster, remind him to linger by countering with soft caresses, and restrain him from veering onto erogenous zones (like fondling your breasts). For example, place his palm against your cheek, and lay your hand on top of his.

2. Switch it up.

Should you sense him approaching orgasm before you’re ready, change positions. The interruption will cool him down, plus it’ll take him time to adjust to the new angle and work up to speed.

3. Distract his body

A more drastic measure to bring him back from the brink: Have him pull out, and then squeeze the tip of his penis with medium pressure for three to four counts. This will delay his climax and bring his arousal down a bit. Just be sure to warn him in advance!

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