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3 Ways To Bring Back The Kilig In Your Relationship

Feel that electrifying rush you associate with new love again with these simple tips.

1. Give good ear.

Not all of his interests will fascinate you, but spend some time listening to something that's important to him. "When you engage in a topic you usually dismiss, it reconnects you," says Susan Heitler, PhD, author of The Power Of Two.

2. Speak lovingly to each other.

"After a while, you stop talking with those sweet undertones," says Edythe Denkin, PhD, author of Relationship Magic, "and sarcasm or negativity can become more common." Try using a nickname or soften your voice to inspire affection.

3. Notice something new.

Offer him a compliment you never have before: Tell him he looks cute with shaving cream on his face or how much you enjoy his chicken recipe. This builds on your initial attraction. Says Heitler: "Over time, you stop noticing the good things. Finding new ones will keep you loving him."

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