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3 Ways To Get Him To Love You Better

All guys have a sweet side. Here are a few tips that might help your man find his.
  1. Give Him Specifics.

    "Men and women have different ideas about what loving behavior is, so you need to give him clear examples of what you want," says therapist Joe Bavonese, PhD, founder of the Relationship Institute. Meaning: Tell him to call and check in with you more often.

  2. Upgrade Your Thank You.

    Instead of just saying "Aw, thanks," drive home your appreciation by letting your man know how loved his actions made you feel. "It flatters him as a protector and makes him feel manly, so he'll do it again," says psychologist Linda Bazan, PhD, founder of the Relationship Shop in Pittsburgh.

  3. Get In His Face.

    When you go to movies or concerts on dates, you don't have the chance to talk. So plan a night that keeps you face-to-face, whether it's over a five-course meal or a Scrabble game. "Facing each other makes you feel even closer," says Bazan.
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