4 New Year's Resolutions When You Can't Change Your Man

The year is coming to a close, yet your guy still won’t ditch his wayward ways. Know how to greet the new year with a fresh start.
1. Have your own life.

Don’t let it come to a point that your life revolves around your man—only. “Even if you’re in a relationship, you have to have time for yourself,” stresses family therapist Malyn Cristobal. “You can’t afford to lose yourself.”

2. Cultivate your own values.

Don’t simply adjust to your partner’s preferences, says Cristobal. Know who you are and what you’ve always believed in. “Know what you want, know how you feel,” she says.

3. Let go.

There’s a bigger chance that your situation will change once you let go and start accepting the person and the situation. Admit to yourself that it is a bad relationship and you need to get out. “Don’t feel like sayang, those three (or five or 10) years will all go to waste,” says Tina, the media relations officer, who let go once she got wind of Joel’s unfaithful ways. “It’s better to have those years wasted than have your entire life wasted being with a man who doesn’t deserve someone like you.”

4. Be fearless.

“Don’t be scared that you won’t find anyone else who will love you,” says Tina, “because you will when the time is right. Give yourself the chance to be happy and if it means letting go of something seemingly good.” Change can be hard at the start, but it doesn’t mean that if things change, it will always be for the worse. Adds Tina: “It will be hard at the start, but it always gets better.”
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