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4 Rules For Introducing Your New Beau To Your Buds

Are your friends dying to meet the hot guy you've been seeing? Read these rules before ringing up the barkada.

1. Wait until you're exclusive.

There's no "right" time frame for introducing a guy to your friends, but his boyfriend status should be firmly in place.

2. Don't make it a double date with your friend and her boyfriend.

The three of you know each other, and your guy will feel like the odd man out. Instead, make it a low-key group thing at a bar or a party.

3. If you're mingling, don't leave him by himself.

Instead, stay by his side, introduce him to people, and briefly chat. That way, he won't feel pressured to maintain a lengthy conversation with a virtual stranger.

4. If, once the two of you are alone, he makes jokes about a friend he just met, roll with it.

Guys are so used to good-naturedly making fun of their own friends that they may make fun of yours. Try not to get mad or take offense.

Source: William July, PhD, author of Confessions Of An Ex-Bachelor.

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