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4 Things He Does To Show You He Wants More

Your guy might be subtly trying to show you that he wants to take it to the next level. Here are the signs.
  1. He's Always Touching You.

    A man who can't keep his paws to himself has sex on the brain 24/7 and wants to rev up your bedroom routine. "He might grab your butt, run his hand up your thigh, or kiss the back of your neck in public," says Roz Van Meter, a certified sex therapist in Dallas. "The fact that he doesn't care who sees indicates that he wants to push the boundaries."

  2. He Makes Sudden Sex Moves.

    In the middle of getting it on, he bites your shoulder or lightly spanks you on the butt...but doesn't go any further with it.What's up? "He wants to see if you'll take his naughty cue and run with it," says Alex Caroline Robboy, a certified sex therapist in Philadelphia. So, he baits you and waits for you to respond with an equally feisty action.

  3. He Takes Care Of Your Business.

    If you come home and he's waiting at the door with dinner cooked, the laundry done, and the bed made, pay attention. "He's doing all these chores to alleviate your stress and free you up so you're more likely to be in the mood for sex later," explains Robboy. The fact that he's going to all that trouble might indicate that he wants time to experiment between the sheets.

  4. He Gets More Curious.

    Listen up if your guy makes a comment like "So this is weird: My friend said he and his girlfriend tried some ­reverse-cowgirl position. Have you heard of that?" He may seem surprised by the behavior, but in actuality, he's intrigued.

    "Bringing up novel sexual things is likely his way of letting you know he'd like to try them," says Van Meter. "By casually mentioning it, he's testing the waters, gauging if you'd be interested."
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