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4 Things He'll Notice On Your First Date

Sure, he'll spot the hot dress you wore, but that's not all he'll take note of. What do guys pay attention to on Date #1?

You wore a hot outfit, made dazzling conversation, and resisted the urge to lick the chocolate off your dessert plate. So it's fair to say you passed his first-date test, right? Well, later on, when he's replaying the evening in his head, he's going to remember other details that are infinitely more important to him. Such as...

  1. How You Reacted To His Jokes

    Look, not every guy is funny. But every guy thinks he's funny. When you appreciate his comedic efforts, he feels good about himself...and good about you as well. "This girl I was out with kept laughing and smiling at my jokes," recalls Erik, 33, banker. "I liked being around her, and I'm sure it helped convince me that there was a connection forming between us." Now, we're not advocating fake belly laughs, but a giggle can go a long way. What's even better? If you can crack him up in return.

  2. If You Asked Questions

    Everyone's favorite topic is—you guessed it—themselves. So if you want him to know that you actually care about what he has to say, ask questions. "There's nothing worse than getting the sense that a woman is only pretending to listen to you while she waits for her turn to talk again," says Anthony, 24, writer.

  3. If You're A Complainer

    When you freely criticize—the food is too salty, the movie is too long, the moonlight is too bright—you come across as a total killjoy. "The worst date I ever went on was with a woman who spent the whole night griping," says Joel, 30, musician. "She complained about the restaurant, about where she was living, and she had something rude to say about everyone at her job. Why would I want to spend an evening hearing about the 'eng-eng from IT' who couldn't recover her lost e-mails?"

    On the flip side, if the waiter brings you the wrong dish and you decide to eat it anyway, you'll win major points for being able to go with the flow.

  4. The First Kiss

    Whether it was a kiss on the cheek, a peck on the lips, or a full-blown tongue-wrestling match, smoochero uno can say a lot about the kind of chemistry you have. "I wasn't sure about Rosie until our first kiss," says Kyle, 29, medical intern. "She's shy, so during the date, I couldn't tell if we were vibing or not. I decided to go in for a kiss, and when I did, I was pleasantly surprised at how intense it was. After that, I couldn't wait to see her again."
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