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4 Tricks For Being A Master MAN-ipulator

Here are some sneaky ways to bring out his good BF qualities.

1. Need a massage? Tell him you can give a better one than he can. His competitive side will kick in, and you'll score a rubdown.

2. To fuse your bond, ask your guy to spot you at the gym, challenge him to a game of pool, or play badminton. Men derive intimacy from engaging in physical activities.

3. If you think his grooming habits or sense of style is flawed, play to his ego by cloaking a suggestion as a compliment. For example, want him to wax his unibrow? Tell him his eyes are gorgeous, then propose how a little brow bushwhacking would make them stand out more.

4. Sick of making all the social plans? Men are natural problem solvers. So mention that you're having a hard time figuring out what to do over the weekend, and watch him spring into action.

Source: Perry Buffington, PhD, author of Cheap Psychological Tricks For Lovers.

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