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4 Ways to Turn Boring Sex Into Amazing Sex

Not getting what you want in bed? Here are a few things you might want to try.

The good news: you’re in a perfectly happy relationship with the man of your dreams. The bad news: the sex is…well, bleh. But hey, just because the sex isn’t great doesn’t mean you’re not compatible. Maybe you just need to work a bit on your technique.

Sexologist Logan Levkoff, author of the eBook How to Get Your Wife to Have Sex With You, says, "Good sex doesn't necessarily have to be about an orgasm. It can just be an emotionally fulfilling experience between partners." It’s normal for couples to go through sex slumps in a relationship especially when you’ve been together for a while, so it’s time to spice things up again and get that Big O you both deserve!

1. Talk about it.

Open communication is the key to every successful relationship, and sex is one subject that never gets old. Don’t be afraid to hurt your partner’s feelings by pointing out what you like and don’t like. "People tend to be very sensitive when it comes to talking about sex," says relationship and family therapist Rachel Sussman. "They're afraid of hurting their partner's feelings, so they don't tell them what they like or don't like. But you're not going to get it unless you ask for it." If you like prolonging the foreplay and he likes getting straight to the point, let him know. Encourage him to do the same and settle for a compromise that will make both of you happy.

2. Experiment together.

Make it a point to explore each other’s bodies and take note of the areas that give you the most pleasure. The only way to let your partner know what turns you on the most is by knowing for yourself. “I think especially for women, they've got to explore their own bodies," Sussman says. "You have to masturbate. Get a vibrator. Get some books. Teach yourself how to orgasm." Once you’ve mastered your pleasure spots, guide your partner towards those areas and let him know how good it feels.  

3. Never fake it.

If your partner is just not doing it for you, don’t pretend he/she is to avoid a bruised ego. If you keep faking it, you’ll never get the satisfaction you want and deserve which may cause a drift between you. "If you're faking it, you're doing yourself a disservice because you're not learning what really turns you on," Sussman says. "I think eventually, it takes a toll. Your partner's going to realize that you're disconnected."

4. Look for sex tips from magazines and books.

That’s what we’re here for. Check out your monthly subscription of Cosmopolitan Magazine and log on to everyday for all your sex-related needs! From sex positions (Cosmo Sutra) to sex tips, we’ve got you covered!

Source: WebMD

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