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5 Naughty Moves To Try After Dark


A study proved what you’ve always suspected: When the lights go down, you feel instantly bolder, more mysterious, and yeah, deliciously wicked. Our suggestions will help you take full advantage of that brazen vibe.

There’s new research that your inner bad girl can really relate to. A study in Psychological Science found that people are more likely to cheat at a game or with money if they are in dim lighting.

Okay, that’s pretty specific… and we aren’t suggesting you hit the switch so you can swindle. But, researchers who worked on the study did conclude something interesting you can use: “When the lights are dim, people feel more anonymous and are more likely to try daring things,” says Francesca Gino, PhD, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the University of North Carolina.

Check out these techniques once the sun goes down:

1. Bubble baths and naughty fantasies go together like champagne and, well, anything. Light candles, then lower yourself into the tub. Now, take your magination where it’s never gone before.

2. Your Glee and Gaga addictions have you itching to sing something sexy in public? Grabbing the mike in a dimly lit bar on Rockeoke night will help dissolve your inhibitions, since you can’t see anyone in the crowd (or their reactions to your, er, talent).

3. Plan an overnight beach trip with a group of people, including that cutie you’ve been dying to get to know. Then, lay down your towels on the shore to do some stargazing (make sure to position your towel next to cutie’s).

4. Most restaurants keep the lights low, but some keep them particularly low. Search’s list of romantic restos to find the perfect spot with mood-lighting, and plan your next date. Then, without anyone noticing, do naughty things under the table.

5. Feed each other ice cream. Not being able to see means more spilling, which means more licking up the mess.