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5 Reasons Why Hair Down There Can Mean More Action

A little bush ain't so bad.

Note to self: Don't wax it all the way.

Unless your man is willing to get a Boyzilian (the male equivalent of a Brazilian), you can spare your pubic area from the nakedness of being totally hairless. It’s not that men don’t enjoy a little hair down there, but when your garden needs a bushwhacker during intercourse, it can create some dilemmas both for you and your partner. There’s an artful balance to trimming, because pubes do have their benefits and going smooth as a baby is just plain creepy. So when it comes to genital grooming, here are some reasons why you should, ehem, stick to the bare necessities.

1. You get to pick your signature "cut."
If you really want to look like Graucho Marx got trapped in between your legs, then by all means go au naturel. It’s not like we’re asking you to wax it all away (a good landing strip will do just fine). But remember how you felt when you came home from the salon with your gorgeous new 'do? Brand new, alive, and raring to take on the world–treat your vaj to that salon-fresh moment. She deserves it.

2. Pubic hair protects your V.
Although excessive pubic shrubbery can court musty odor, no hair at all can mean too much friction during sex, no protection from harmful pathogens, and your lady bits will be cold. Think of your vagina as your body’s window and your pubes as its curtains. Though those shades serve their purpose during the day, to let the wind in, you got to part them a little bit come nighttime.

3. Going down won't be weird.
When that area is totally hairless, it’s just too in-your-face–literally. An abundance of pubic hair on the other hand makes it difficult to go down town for some licking. Keeping a nice v-shape or the aforementioned landing strip is a gentle way of directing your lover towards your pleasure point. Plus tinga from fur burgers is just plain annoying. 

4. Lice
If you’ve ever heard the old wives' tale of how to rid yourself of crabs, you’d avoid contracting them at all costs. The cure: they say you must shave all hair off, get a raw piece of meat, and place it on the area. With that said, crab infestations are less likely to occur when pubic hair is kept to a minimum. 

5. Regular Trims = Easy Navigation
It’s bad enough that men need a compass just to find your g-spot, but the most plain and obvious reason for keeping a good trim is that, well, it just makes things easier to find. Oh, and forget about Vajazzling. That’s just another distraction to deal with. 

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