5 Things That Will Make Sex More Pleasurable

A dash of kink to spice up your session.

1. KY Jelly
JSYK, lube isn't just for women who have a hard time getting wet. You can use it even when you're already wet to add a little more slide to your glide. Seriously, amazing stuff. It's also very useful during quickies.

2. A vibrator or dildo (or a vibrating dildo!)
Yes, there's such a thing! Sex toys may seem intimidating and embarrassing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll learn that they are the BEST. Check out these sex toys for beginners!

3. Handcuffs + whip + gag
Christian Grey will definitely approve. Unleash your wild side and recreate your own "Red Room" scene with your man by using cuffs and whips to, er, "torture" (and by torture we actually mean hard tickling) each other.

4. Chocolate syrup and whipped cream
Sticky and sweet, just the way we like it. If you don't want to get your sheets dirty (and trust us, they will,) lay towels on top of your bed or try it standing up. After licking off all the goods—if you know what we mean—head over to the shower for some more sex.

5.  Music
Never underestimate the power of music. Picking the right song to set the mood can amplify your sex drive. Follow the beat of the music as you grind your bodies against each other. Follow Cosmopolitan Philippines on Spotify for music suggestions!

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