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5 Ways To Break Out Of Your Sex Comfort Zone

If trying new things in the bedroom scares you, Cosmo's got you covered with these simple tweaks.

Exploring new sexual terrain can be a little intimidating. Our tips will allay your apprehensions.

1. Do It At Your Place

You’ll probably feel more at ease pushing the envelope in your own home. Add some extra ambience by dimming the lights and putting on seductive music.

2. Don Different Lingerie

Wearing especially sexy underwear while dabbling in uncharted territory can help you feel like you’re trying out a new persona.

3. Create A Safe Word

Before you get it on, come up with a word or phrase that means “stop, wait a bit.”

4. Discuss Your Desires Beforehand

Sharing your fantasies with each other prior to the main event prevents any awkward moments and miscommunication. Bear in mind that talking about what you want to do to each other is already erotic.

5. Take Baby Steps

Ease into naughtier play by making small changes—tweak a position or have sex on the kitchen counter instead of the couch.

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