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6 Tongue Tricks He Will Love

Tongue twisters never felt so good.

Cosmo girls, your tongue is a weapon of pleasure. Yes, you may use it for self-expression, gossip, and berating your man for not lifting the toilet seat (sorry for the pee stains, womankind), but the levels of ecstasy that oral pleasure can bring are as tasty as a perfectly grilled steak on a hot summer day.

Of course, you’re all well aware of this yourselves–most female orgasms being brought on by the act of cunnilingus. Although your guy will be more than happy just receiving the gift of a blow job, here’s a handy manual of moves to make his, ehem, head explode. 

1. The Snake Charmer

How it’s done: Slowly lick the shaft of his penis from the bottom to the top. Once you reach the head, twirl your tongue around in a rapid circular motion. Make sure to vary your actions from aggressive sucking to light touches with tip of your tongue. Don’t forget to use your hands as well.

Remember: your hands and mouth are a tag-team; they should always be working together. Also, give his testicles the attention they deserve–alternate soft bites with kissing and actually cupping them inside your mouth.

His head will explode because: This is BJ 101–you’re being mindful of every part of his nether regions and this will remind him to be thoughtful when it’s your turn for oral pleasure.

2. The In-Between-er

How it’s done: Next time you’re down town for some early morning hotdogs and eggs, lift his sac and take your tongue to a place you’ve never been before. The place being that little area where the butt crack ends and the balls meet. Show it a little lovin’ with some tongue action and he’ll be thanking you a hundredfold after. 

His head will explode because: The perineum (or gooch in slang) is that patch of sensitive skin in between the ass and the balls. Most women tend to neglect this area simply because they aren’t aware of the bliss it brings when stimulated. Trust, if you linger there for some time, he’ll be wailing in rapturous excitement.

3. The Spine Chiller

How it’s done: Take a cube of ice in between your fingers. Proceed to go down on him while using the ice to numb different areas of his body. Start with his nipples, and as it continues to melt, make your way down to his navel until you finally reach his penis. Rub the ice cube up and down the length of his member. As solid turns to liquid, finish him off with some quick licks.

His head will explode because: The cool sensation coupled with your tongue’s surface on his skin is the perfect combo for an orgasmic explosion.

4. The Choco Loco

How it’s done: Edibles are potent for exacting a mouthwatering oral experience. Your ingredient of choice: chocolate syrup. Drizzle the sticky sweet condiment all over his bod and slurp for your sexually delicious dessert fix.

His head will explode because: It doesn't get any sweeter than this. 

5. Minty Fresh Fellatio

How it’s done: Grab a piece of spearmint and pop it in your mouth. Let it settle so the minty freshness takes over. Once it does, tease him by blowing at his shaft before the actual fellatio. When he’s been tingled enough, proceed to the blowjob.

His head will explode because: The stirring heat of the blood in his loins, together with the chilly effect the mint brings, is a quiver-inducing tandem he will never forget. Plus, at least you’ll avoid semen breath when you get to the post-BJ kissing.

6. Choco Starfish-ing

How it’s done: This move might be for the more sensually courageous. Have your man bend over, doggy-style. Then eat, kiss, and lick his chocolate starfish (his butthole, in case you were wondering) while you give him a hand job. 

His head will explode because: It’s kind of uncharted territory. If it feels kinky, dangerous, and out-of-the-box, then it will ignite his adventurous side. Just make sure you ask him to wash beforehand.

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