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7 Reasons Why Shower Sex Is The Bomb

The hottest way to cool off.

1. Oral sex becomes extra enjoyable.
You'll feel less self-conscious with the water running, plus the extra moisture will turn both of you on even quicker.

2. You don’t need extra lubrication.
Feeling a little dry down there? Just stand under the shower and you'll be wet inside and outside in no time.

3. It’s like kissing your boyfriend in the rain...without your clothes on and him inside you.
It doesn't get any hotter than that. 

4. You get to rub soap all over each other’s bodies.
You might as well hit two birds with one stone while having shower sex. After doing the deed, clean up with a sudsy rubdown.

5. It’s like you’re getting a massage while having sex.
Running water = instant back massage. 

6. Double pleasure. If you have a detachable shower head, you can pleasure yourself while your man pleasures you.
Direct the shower spray down there while your guy enters you. It feels insanely good.

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7.You don’t have to wait until after your period to have sex.
Fact: not everyone is comfortable with period sex, especially guys.  The thought of seeing blood coming out of your vagina is enough to make them feel queasy. BUT if you're in the shower, you can easily rinse the blood off. Tip: dim the lights so he won't see the flow.

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