8 Annoying Boyfriend Habits We Can't Stand

Go on ladies, share this with your boyfriends. Guys, get a clue.

Sure, we all love our boyfriends, but there are just some things they do that drive us batsh*t crazy.

Post this on your Facebook wall, so that next time you're in a bad mood, he'll get a hint. 

1. BEING LATE. Do guys hear differently from us? When we say, "pick me up at 10," we DON’T mean leave your house at 10. Get that.

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2. KNOW-IT-ALL: Get your superiority complex in check, boy! There are things we know that you don’t.

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3. ARMPIT FETISH: Honestly? It’s just weird.

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4. NOT ASKING FOR DIRECTIONS: EVERYONE gets lost (some more than others). We just want to get to that party already!

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5. WHY DO YOU TAKE SO LONG TO REPLY? Not paying attention to us makes us think you’re doing something (or someone) better.

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6. VIDEO GAMES are > than ME? Maybe your computer can be your new girlfriend.

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7. TALKING ABOUT GIRLS WITH YOUR BARKADA (in front of us): Our boyfriends suddenly sound like manyaks. It’s creepy.

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8. “FILE” SHARING: That USB being passed around? We know it’s porn...AGAIN.

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