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8 Relationship Firsts Every Couple Goes Through

The first time you meet each other's parents is always special (and hilarious).

1. The First Kiss

It’s one of the ways you can gauge your compatibility. And although all the awkward saliva swapping doesn’t always make it the fairytale dream you imagined it to be, locking-lips with your romantic partner for the first time does have the capacity to ignite deeper passions. Cue the fireworks!

2. The First Time You Sleep Together

Don’t panic if it isn’t as hot and animalistic as you’d thought it would be. It’s probably the first time you two are getting physically vulnerable in front of each other, so any…erm…shortcomings should be forgiven. Lucky you if the first time is a hair-pulling, headboard-slamming, mattress-pumping experience. If it isn’t, you’ll eventually find your rhythm! 

3. The First Fight

Just try and avoid throwing hurtful words at each other that you can’t take back when you do eventually have to argue. No couple is perfect and it happens. Just remember: should you forgive each other, the makeup sex is sure to be pretty sweet!

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4. The First Crying Session

What usually comes after the stupid arguments are the salty tears. She bawls. You bellow in sadness. Hey, as long as you’re doing it together. 

5. The First Jealous Tirade

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The trick of the happiest couples: don’t give your partner any reason to be jealous in the first place. If he’s flirting with sexy chicks and you’re constantly hanging out with men who threaten his place in your life, chances are one of you is going to lose it. 

6. The First Trip

It’s the chance to discover each other’s best (and sometimes worst) qualities outside of your comfort zones.

7. The First Time You Meet Each Other’s Parents

They might not immediately like you, but being polite, courteous, and respectful should be your initial approach. The family is protective for a reason. Once you get that second invitation to lunch or dinner, at least you know you’ve left a good impression.

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8. The First Time One Of You Gets Wasted

There’s a lot to be said about being able to take care of someone when they’re drunk AF. True love is when someone can hold your hair, make sure you get home safe, and tell you that you’ve already had one too many drinks.

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