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8 Things Guys Notice About Your Looks

Find out if the features you're self-conscious about during dates are making a blip on his radar.

When you have an annoying breakout on your chin or you've forgotten to touch up your roots, you might think it's all your date is looking at. Well, relax. "Most men aren't picking up on the things [that] we assume they're staring at," says renowned biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, PhD, author of Why We Love. The reason, she says, has a lot to do with evolution. "In general, men are wired to notice obvious signs that convey interest in mating--a warm smile, for example--and ignore other subtleties, like if your lipstick is faded," she explains.

Want to know more about which beauty fixations you should pay attention to and which to ignore? Keep reading for the lowdown on 8 kikay concerns that guys notice.

1. If your hair condition isn't great
He won't notice: If your hairstyle is a little messy

Fisher explains:
"Men couldn't care less if your strands are perfectly styled and neat. In fact, he might like you more with some wildness or bedhead, since it shows you're carefree and relaxed. But, he will notice if your hair looks or feels very dry, brittle, or damaged, which are signs of poor health. On a subconscious level, men seek out partners who possess healthy physical attributes."

2. Skin that's inflamed
He won't notice: Skin that's shiny

Fisher explains: "A little natural oil on your face is nothing to get worked up about. Let it go. The thing you do want to tend to is irritation. When your skin is inflamed or puffy, it indicates stress--it's a physical manifestation of some kind of reaction or allergy."

3. A major haircut
He won't notice: Minor roots

Fisher explains: 
"Men typically pay attention to big shifts in your overall style--like getting bangs or a short bob. Having roots, on the other hand, doesn't really mean anything to guys--it's neither positive nor negative, and it has no larger significance to them."

4. If you're not smiling
He won't notice: If you skip a teeth-whitening treatment

Fisher explains: "Men are very attuned to signals that suggest you're interested in them, like a friendly smile or grin. The exact shade of your teeth, however, has less significance, especially if you're already showing you're engaged when talking to them."

5. Dark underarms
He won't notice: Peach fuzz on your kili-kili

Experts say:
Confidence really entices men--and studies consistently prove it. That said, guys may not notice tiny hair growths, especially when you're in between hair removal treatments. But, when you are conscious of your dark underarms when cuddling with him, this makes you less appealing.

6. A change in nail length
He won't notice: A change in nail polish

Fisher explains: "Guys usually perceive a difference in your look when it relates to them. So, if your nails go from short to long or from square to pointy, he'll feel a difference when you touch his skin or hold his hand on your next date. But, when you switch up your nail polish shade from coral to purple? That doesn't have an impact on him. It's not that he's tuned out or not paying any attention. It's that he's more focused on other aspects of you."

7. If you wear too much lipstick
He won't notice: If you forget to wear lipstick

Fisher explains:
"Overdone lipstick is a deterrent to men. It rubs off easily onto their skin and the edges of their shirts, so it discourages them from kissing, touching, and coming closer to you, which is what they really want to do!"

8. Eyes that are bloodshot
He won't notice: Eye makeup that's smudged

Fisher explains: "Women think smudged liner or mascara makes them look unattractive. But from what I can tell, men don't see it as a bad thing. You probably look more real to them, and you may have to point it out for them to even pick up on it. Red, bloodshot eyes and whites of the eyes that don't look bright, on the other hand, are very noticeable because they show you're unhealthy, run-down, or strung out...and that's never attractive."

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