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9 Intriguing Things You Didn't Know About Guys

Learn how to know he's into you, make him fall in love, where to kiss him for it to really count, and a bunch of other male facts to add to your stock knowledge.

We know that with school or work piling up, you girls are hardly excited to study anything extra. But, there's always an exception: the mysterious ways of men. They never fail to confound us, which means we'll never give up trying to figure them out: how they get turned on and why they say what they say and do what they do.

Experts give great insight into how a guy's mind and body operate. Cosmo put together some of the most riveting info the pros have turned up.

1. Men sleep better with their partner beside them. However, women sleep worse. Try these tips to slumber more deeply.

  • To minimize disturbance if he tosses and turns, use as big a mattress as possible.
  •  Get on the same schedule. If your guy goes to bed later or rises earlier, it can wake you. An eye mask and earplugs can also help.
  • Instead of lying face-to-face, get spooned. You may feel freer when your chest isn't blocked, which helps you drift off. Or, if his breath or stubble against your neck bothers you, spoon him.


2. Men with elevated levels of testosterone might have trouble committing. This is because it suppresses vasopressin and oxytocin, chemicals that encourage bonding.

Signs a dude has a high dosage of it:

  • A strong brow
  • Defined cheekbones
  • Thin lips
  • A pronounced jawline
  • Broad shoulders
  • A muscular body
  • A large penis
  • A ring finger that's longer than his index finger

3. Kiss a guy on the right side of his body. The left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for positive feelings, controls the right half of the body. So this way, he will process your presence in the optimistic part of his mind and experience greater pleasure.

4. A man's skin is 10 times less sensitive than a woman's is. So touch him much more firmly.

5. Levels of the hormone oxytocin in a guy's body skyrocket by 500 per cent post-O, which deepens trust and makes him feel connected to his partner. You can also boost his oxytocin by stimulating his nipples, giving him a massage, and hugging him.

6. Men react differently to you depending on the stage of your cycle. As you very well know, the hormones coursing through your system impact your mood. This in turn affects guys' responses. Plus, the amount of pheromones (chemical signals that influence how attracted someone is to you) you give off changes.

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  • Days 1-5: During menstruation, women tend to be less emotionally open. Men may sense this and distance themselves a bit.
  • Days 6-13: The week before ovulation, chicks become more interested in finding or connecting with a dude. Guys are increasingly attracted to women in this phase.
  • Days 14-17: Women's testosterone peaks, and they emit a surge of pheromones. Men may think a woman is sexier, feel extra devoted to her, and pay her 30 percent more attention.
  • Days 18-22: Females produce an uptick in progesterone--a calming, soothing hormone. In response to her mellow mood, guys' sexual interest begins to wane.
  • Days 23-28: Estrogen and progesterone in her system fall rapidly, triggering a drop in her libido. Plus, she sends out fewer pheromones. So, male attraction dips further.

7. Certain types of strokes and caresses can actually make a guy fall harder for you.

  • During a fun moment (like you two laughing), touch his hand. He'll link good times with your caress.
  • While he's driving, rub the back of his neck to make him feel connected to you.
  • Wrap your arm around his waist as you're walking side by side. This shows you're in sync.
  • At a party, covertly show you're thinking about him by tilting your head a bit, so it touches his shoulder.


8. There are key differences in the way males and females digest info. That's why sometimes you feel you aren't getting through to him. Here's how to get your message across:

  • Guys have trouble processing body language and words at the same time—they get all knotted up in their minds.
  • They'll catch your drift better if they aren't looking directly at you when you're talking, so have important discussions sitting side by side.
  • Men strive to simplify information by focusing on only the key points, whereas women take all the facts into account. For instance:

    You say:
    "Since Rusty's been having some tummy trouble lately, I made an appointment for him to see the vet. Do you think you can take him there at three? He hates going in the car, so bring his dog toy along—it'll keep him distracted. Poor thing, I hope it’s not serious."

    He hears:
    "Dog. Vet. 3:00."

  • If you want your guy to remember something, tell him only the essentials (where, when, etc.), free of extraneous details.

9. When a guy is into you, he will subconsciously try to maximize the amount of space he takes up to assert his status and prowess.

Look for these clues:

  • Spreading his legs when seated
  • Stretching his arms across the back of a chair
  • Hooking his fingers in his belt loops, elbows out
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