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9 Signs You're A Non-Materialistic Girlfriend


1. Small things make you happy.

Whether it’s accompanying you home after a tiring day at work or writing a poem for your anniversary, you genuinely feel like the happiest girl in the world when he makes an effort.

2. You don’t care where you eat during dates. 

Lavish lunch and expensive dinner dates are not your priority because you are all about being practical. What’s more important is spending quality time with him.

3. You cherish every present he gives you, no matter how simple it is.

Because you know how much effort he put into thinking, choosing, and buying a present for you, you take care of it and treasure it like some rare gem mined from the Himalayas.

4. You never throw a tantrum in front of him just because you don’t get what you want.

He didn't get you that limited edition matte lipstick you've been pining for, and that's okay. You don't throw a fit or take it against him because you are a grown-up woman; not a six-year-old child.


5. You cherish quality time spent together more than the joy of acquiring material possessions.

The best thing about being in a relationship is reminiscing about the good times and saying, "Remember that time when we did this and that?" When did you ever have a conversation with your significant other and said, "Remember that time when you gave me a Swarovski-encrusted necklace which you put inside a tiny Chanel clutch?" You remember moments, never things.

6. You live for spontaneous dates.

Unlike others who think that the pricier the date the more romantic and memorable it is, you believe that the most unforgettable moments are also the spontaneous ones. Last-minute road trip to Tagaytay? Check! Gory movie marathon until you guys get grossed out? Game!

7. You prefer personalized gifts.

What else can be sweeter than looking at a super cheesy scrapbook he made or listening to a mellow song that he composed just for you? 

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8. His gift-buying tactics do not easily sway you when arguments arise.

Any material consolation is nothing without a heartfelt apology.

9. Your relationship is the give-and-take kind.

Your relationship is not perfect. But you always find solace knowing it's always a team effort between you two. Making each other feel loved in different, non-material ways is never a problem. <3

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