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9 Things You Didn't Know About Male Pleasure

He may be happy with your sack skills, but these sexual truths will help you satisfy him like never before.

The average guy is pretty easy to read—he springs to attention so you know he's aroused, and his can't-miss-it orgasm leaves no doubt that he's reached his pleasure destination. But, his body doesn't always send such blatant signals. In fact, sometimes, his triggers and responses can be downright subtle. That doesn't mean they don't count, however.

"Being aware of the slightest physiological changes that he's experiencing during sex is crucial to intensifying it for him," says Irwin Goldstein, MD, director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego. "The more you know, the more you can please him."

Since we're sure you want to make that happen, we've spelled out nine secrets to male arousal—from the spot he really needs you to touch more often to the very surprising way he judges how good the experience is for you.

1. Your Body "Flaws" Turn Him On

You know your guy is visual and loves your naked form. But, there's a point when he's most likely to see your bod through rose-colored glasses. During the middle of intercourse, a.k.a. the plateau or excitement stage, "men experience a boost in serotonin [a mood enhancer], which acts as a buffer, lowering the odds that he'll notice slight imperfections," says Rallie McAllister, MD, author of The Busy Couple's Guide to Great Sex.

So smack-dab in the middle of the act, give him the unadulterated view he craves. For instance, if you're hung up on the size of your rear and prefer missionary, ask him to flip you over and do you doggie-style. Or, if you're on top, lower your upper body toward his legs so you're revealing a larger span of your breasts and stomach.

2. He Wants You to Linger On His Nipples

Nipple stimulation not only enhances a man's arousal but sparks it. That's because when they're stroked, the muscles surrounding his headlights stiffen and his blood vessels swell, creating a ripple effect throughout his body.

Don't wait for him to request hot nip action, take matters into your own hands…and mouth. Begin by stroking the area with the tip of your fingers. Then, graduate to a gentle pinch before licking, nibbling, and slightly sucking each nipple. "Any time you vary the pressure of stimulation, it keeps nerve endings on high alert, which provides a pleasurable sensation," says Dr. McAllister.

3. The Male G-Spot Exists

You know your G-spot is a pleasure minefield. But, did you realize that he's blessed with a hidden moan zone of his own? It's his prostate, a chestnut-size gland located under the bladder, at the base of his penis. And the male G-spot can be stroked before intercourse. Just give him a hand job with a twist: Wrap your palm around the top of his erect penis and press down, as if you were trying to sink his shaft into his pelvis, says Carol Queen, PhD. Doing so causes the spongy tissue in his penis to rub against the prostate. "Pressing on those nerves can mimic the sensations he experiences during deep-thrusting sex," says Queen.  

4. His Perineum Begs To Be Stroked

It might not be the sexiest stretch of real estate on his body, but the perineum (that smooth space between his testicles and anus) is still one of his hottest properties. It shares the same branch of nerves as his penis, says Queen.

But, it's often ignored by women, making it even more sensitive. Probe it too suddenly though and you could freak him out. Instead, do it during missionary. After he enters you, reach between his legs and tease his package. When your hand is behind his testicles, apply pressure to his perineum with the flat surface of your thumb or the knuckle of your index finger and move in little circles, then switch to counterclockwise, up and down. The more pressure, the more pleasure.

5. He Craves Carnal Compliments Early On

"In the first few minutes of intercourse, he's feeling intensely passionate, which is why he may look in utter awe of you," says Scott Haltzman, MD, clinical assistant professor at Brown University in Providence. "But he's also feeling vulnerable and craves feedback." Tell him how strong his chest looks or how amazing he feels inside you. Compliments are most likely to register at this stage, since his mind hasn't yet been kidnapped by his orgasm.  

6. He Looks At Your Face For Affirmation

Shocker: During sex, he may be less absorbed by your body than he is by your face, suggests a study by Emory University. Since a woman's body doesn't readily reveal how much she's turned on, a man is forced to look at her face to gauge enjoyment levels, then change his tactics, if need be. And putting in face time has a satisfying two-fold effect, says Dr. Haltzman. The eye contact ups the intimacy factor while increasing his arousal.

7. He Has An Unexpected Hot Spot

During foreplay, there are little erogenous zones that you likely lavish with attention all the time—his lips, neck, maybe even his earlobes. But, every man has one erotic body part that's rarely explored, and believe it or not, it's his nose. Next to his lips, his nose contains more nerve endings than any other part of his face.

"This tissue is rich in blood vessels and nerve endings and is highly receptive to stimulation," says Dr. McAllister. His nasal passages, in particular, mimic the erectile tissue found in his penis. In other words: The more you stroke that sucker, the more you'll increase his circulation below-the-belt.

Now, we're not saying you have to be all up in his nostrils. Simply kissing and gently nibbling on the tip is enough. Or try tracing your finger from your partner's nose down to his abdomen and package and then back to the nose. This creates a sexual circuit that awakens his entire body, adds Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, author of Touch Me There! A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots.

8. He Can't Help But Manhandle

When he's just moments away from the finish line, he surrenders to his most base instincts, which is why he might suddenly grab your breasts or butt, says Sadie Allison, DHS, author of Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Sex Positions for Better Bucking. Your guy also craves the same roughhousing from you, says Allison. Pull his hair, and run your nails across his back or slap his butt. Not only is his skin thicker than yours, but during orgasm, his threshold for pain increases. "His body is flooded with chemicals like oxytocin and endorphins, which act as numbing agents," says Allison. So, don't worry so much about hurting him.

9. The Longer He Lasts, The Deeper His Climax

While he's deep in the throes of thrusting, "all his physiological symptoms—increased heart rate, heavier breathing, muscular tension—are at peak levels, and he instinctively wants to come," says Fulbright. "But the longer you keep him in this stage, the more powerful his orgasm will be."

To help him do just that, keep an eye on his prized jewels. When he's reaching the brink, they'll retract into his body. Lightly tug them away from him. "This can be incredibly erotic for a man," says Dr. Haltzman. "He's not registering that you're trying to stave him off. He just feels an ebb and flow, and each wave feels more intense than the last."

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