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9 Ways Your Boyfriend Is Being Pa-Cute (And Annoying)


1. When you guys are about to hit the sack, he tells you to tuck him into bed.

Awww. How sweet. Maybe you should change his diaper and give him a bottle of milk for good measure, too!

2. He reverts to baby talk when he’s trying to get his way with you.

Don’t let him get away with being late for your date by giving in to his pa-cute moves. MUST. RESIST. CUTENESS.

3. He pretends like he doesn’t know how to do certain things, so you end up doing them for him instead.

You willingly do it just to avoid him continuing to pester you. “Babe, paano ulit…” “AKO NA!”

4. You still choose his clothes for him every time you have a special occasion to attend.

Girl, he’s 30 years old, not 3 years old.

5. He runs around your apartment in baconized briefs.

This is the modern day baby-man’s OOTD of choice!


6. Plus, when you leave him alone at your place for half an hour, you return to everything in shambles.

"Hehe, sorry!"

7. His toys are everywhere!

Between the LEGO on the floor and the Marvel and DC action figures scattered all over the living room, it’s just a fact that he can’t seem to clean up after himself.

8. His go-to cheerleader when he needs a pick-me-up is still his mom.

How does a girl compete with that? She only carried him for nine months. No big deal.

9. The only way to get him to stop yipping and yapping is to MOMOL!

Or give him a belly rub, massage the back of his neck, and hold his hand till he falls asleep. Then you can have your peace and quiet. 

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