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What You Need To Know About Anal Orgasms

Welcome backdoor orgasms with an open...mind.
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I used to believe that only guys could benefit (read: orgasm) from butt sex—and yes, I’m talking about giving and receiving. Men have a prostate, which is a gland located in the anal canal that’s pretty much the equivalent of a G-Spot; it’s their ~magic~ button.

But now, experts are saying anal orgasms are possible for us, as well. And it’s not just because sex is more psychological for women. Anal orgasms are possible for people with vaginas because of how close the anus is to the nerve endings of the vagina wall and pelvic floor.

Aside from the fact that the anal opening and the inside of your anus are already erogenous zones, stimulating the nerve endings in there can be quite pleasurable.

Sex coach Devi Ward notes, “We call clitoral orgasms ‘climaxes,’ because there are sharp peaks and sharp declines. [But anal orgasms are much smoother.] There’s a sense of fluidity. There is a flash, but it’s not this explosion necessarily; it’s more like a spreading: a warm opening and a relief sensation.”

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If you’re already the type of person who easily orgasms during penetrative sex, you’re in luck—you have a higher chance of experiencing anal orgasms. And if you have a harder time in bed, stimulating the clit while having anal sex can help! While attempting butt sex, remember that it’s about the journey, not the destination. Be present, be safe, take it slow, and use a buttload of lube. ;)

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