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Angel Dei Opens Up About Her Relationship & What It Takes To Make It Work

The foundation of love? Trust and respect.

The pandemic has given us more time to think and more reasons to re-evaluate the relationships we keep—especially when you're trusting someone with your heart. 

In a new vlog, Angel Dei and her boyfriend Miguel Echano answer questions about healthy relationships, specifically how they make it work. For the couple, the foundation of love is trust and respect. Miguel explained, "So kung wala yung dalawang 'to, basically parang walang sense yung relationship niyo."

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We also find out that as a couple, they like to give each other space. Hindi sila clingy. According to Angel, "We enjoy each other's company but also we give time to other friends, to socialize."

One fan asked if they still fight, to which Angel replied, "When you have a healthy relationship, it doesn't mean hindi kayo nagaaway, ha...hindi naman mawawala 'yon." And if you're wondering how they patch things up (aka sinong unang nagso-sorry), Miguel revealed, "Siyempre yung may kasalanan." Love these two!

Watch the entire video below:


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