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7 Best Responses To ‘Bakit Wala Pa Kayong Anak?’

'E ikaw? Bakit wala ka pang career?'

Now that you’re married, you and your husband face another barrage of annoying questions about your future. Annoying titas, chismosa officemates, and even insensitive friends will start bugging you with the question: “O, bakit wala pa kayong anak?” It’s a grating query that most Pinoy couples face since both family and friends with good (but obviously skewed) intentions sometimes can’t take a hint. If you’re dying to shut them up, here are a few suggested responses that are guaranteed to repel these pesky inquirers. 

1. "Ikaw ba magpapakain, magpapaaral, at magpapalaki sa kanya?"

If the answer is yes to all, gagawa na kami ngayon.

2. "E ikaw? Bakit wala ka pang career?"

Ooooooohhhhh, burn!

3. "Sarili ko nga hindi ko maalagaan..."

The truth hurts.

4. "Anak agad? Hindi ba pwedeng aso muna?"

Because right now, we're really happy taking care of our two adorable fur babies! After all, taking care of pets makes great practice for babies, right....?

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5. "Honestly, it’s not for a lack of trying."


6. "Do you even see this crazy world we live in?"

Kawawa naman furture child namin!

7. "Wait lang. Chill. These are my ovaries, right?"

It’s your body. It’s your life. No one should dictate when or alter your personal plans for you. 

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