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8 Pinays On The Sweet Bonding Moments They've Shared With Their Dads

'He goes to my room to play my guitar and we'll jam lang every night.'

With strict rules about staying home as much as possible, many of us have been spending more time with the family. And yes, that probably means more bickering because we're together all the time, but the upside? Sweet, and sometimes rare, bonding moments with loved ones. For Father's Day, we asked Pinays in our Cosmo Mixers to share some of the cute, heartwarming things they've experienced with their fathers during quarantine. 

  1. "I was always a daddy's girl and we're both very into birds. My favorite moment with him was just last week: It had just rained on a cold morning and he called me from my room excited to say that he saw three different bird species while at the balcony. We sat on a bench in the balcony, taking turns while looking through binoculars and identifying birds that would fly by." -Hannah
  2. "My dad and I always had a complicated relationship, so now that it's been the third month of quarantine, I've had to deal with our old issues resurfacing. It's not easy, for sure, 'cause this is the most time I've spent with him at home in forever (we pretty much only saw each other on weekends pre-pandemic). But no matter how much history we have, it really is heartwarming to see him try with me. And he knows the way to my good side is just by feeding me. Hahaha! He knows the specifics of my picky eater habits by heart: my exact Chatime order, the kind of apples I like, the only brand of butter I eat, etc. I honestly can't recall a time where I got to interact with him this much, but I can't be more grateful for this chance." -Jacinda

  3. "My papa calls me whenever they cook lumpiang shanghai at home. He knows it's my favorite so he sets aside [some] for me and asks me to pass by and get it. I got married last February so I just recently moved out. Always and forever a papa's girl." -Bev
  4. "My dad's a journalist so he's still required to go to the office every day, but every time he comes home, he goes to my room to play my guitar and we'll jam lang every night. It's nothing special but it's something we look forward to." -Yssa
  5. "I had a really bad nervous breakdown during quarantine, and my dad didn't really know how to handle it. He distracted me from it by telling me so many stories about how he grew up, and he got really vulnerable, too. It was the first time we ever connected on that kind of emotional level, and I think our relationship is forever changed. I love him." -Andrea
  6. "My dad became my mom's designated tiga hatid-sundo ever since GCQ was implemented. There still aren't many public shuttles or transportation options from Bulacan (where my parents live) to Q.C. (where my mom works), so no choice kundi ihatid sa morning then hintayin. Instead of waiting at my mom's workplace, my dad goes to our place in Manila to take care of and bond with his apo.

    What I love is that I get to spend more time with my dad and get to know him, too. We would catch up on each other's lives and I ask him random stuff about their past and how they raised us (for tips on childrearing!). We didn't get to do this after I got married and moved out, so I'm really thankful that despite all the craziness in the world, I'm given these chances." -Ginyn
  7. "This quarantine is by far the longest we've spent time with Papa since we were babies. Papa's a seafarer so he only stays in the Philippines for two to three months max. But this quarantine, we've spent three months with him. I am 30, my sister's 23, my little brother is 12 so obviously, we're grownups. But papa treats us like we're all 12, lol. He's having fun seeing us at home, spending time with the whole fam playing cards and bingo, singing karaoke, binge-watching shows, and eating mama's baked goodies. He's always asking mama to cook our favorite ulam for lunch.

    Also, sad to say, I got laid off from work during the pandemic and he's been there for me, telling me we'll get through this and that everything's gonna be alright. I'm not romanticizing the unfortunate events happening in the world but this quarantine made us value our family even more. I never thought I'd be spending moments like these with papa and I'm grateful he came home right before the virus happened.
    " -Paula
  8. "Growing up, we weren't allowed to be picky with food, so my brother and I eat EVERYTHING—even dishes we can't stand. If we complained, 'di kami makakakain. But now that I'm home with my parents, I noticed that my tats only cooks food he knows I like. When he goes out to the market, he also brings back shit I love like Diet Coke. He be like, "'Di ba gusto mo 'to?" -Ysa
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