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Sex With Circumcised vs. Uncircumcised Penises

Does it matter?
PHOTO: Jico Joson

Globally, circumcision is mostly associated with Muslim and Jewish cultures, with Muslims accounting for the majority of circumcised men. But in the Philippines, 93 per cent of Pinoys are tuli. Here, it is a rite of passage; personal hygiene is secondary to the socio-cultural belief that circumcision is a guy’s first step into manhood—that he’s man enough to take it. The alternative is having to endure intense bullying, with uncircumcised men often called supot.

But since this is Cosmo, and we usually ask men for their opinions about certain aspects of womanhood, we turned the tables and consulted with five women on what they *really* think about circumcised vs. uncircumcised penises.

“My first sexual experience was with an uncircumcised guy. At the time, I really didn't know about circumcision, so it didn't seem weird to me. Since then, I've had encounters with both cut and uncut men, and honestly, I'm impartial. I'm very clear that their "stuff" must be clean, but other than that, I have no preference. I've noticed that certain cultures and religions take it very seriously and others do not, and men raised in either culture feel their "stuff" is what's normal. The way I see it, I have no more right to judge their situation down south than they do mine.” – Selena, 24


“The first time I had sex, it was with an uncut guy. Apparently, that fosters bacterial growth. In general, when I play with an uncut dick, it looks like it has its own carrying case (LOL), which isn’t necessarily bad, but based purely on aesthetic… I prefer a circumcised penis.” – Cassandra, 25


“My first guy was uncircumcised. I hear uncut dicks are more hygienic? I personally believe that all dicks, like all vaginas, are different, so I can’t say that one is better than the other. Based on my experience though, guys with uncircumcised penises tend to last longer, so that’s always a plus. Overall, I don’t have a preference. What he does with it is what matters.” – Kat, 25


“The first guy I ever had sex with was circumcised. And most of the guys I’ve had sex with since are also circumcised. Uncircumcised men, in my experience, are more sensitive—probably because all the nerves are still there. It’s good for them, but they also come faster, so meh. I wouldn’t go down on an uncircumcised guy unless he’s showered… or I have some way to prove that it isn’t dirty. Uncut dicks can smell pretty bad. Like, BAD.” – Marissa, 26


“My first sexual experience was with a cut dick. I’ve had both since then, but I will say that I prefer someone who’s circumcised. It’s just easier overall. Hand jobs can be such a pain (for me) when I’m with an uncut dude. There’s more skin, which means more to pull down… and sometimes it hurts them! And that makes me tense up. I’ll never kick a guy out of bed based on his dick, but you did ask for my preference right? LOL!” – Rose, 27

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