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College Studs On The Girl That Would Attract Them--And How They'll Ask Her Out

New school year, new hot guys in campus! Cosmo visited De La Salle once again to spot cuties and ask them about their strategy for asking you out.
School's here, at least for some of you, Cosmo chicks. We know how stressful college can be--even working Cosmo gals have been there before. There's homework to submit, exams to study for, terror professors to avoid–but that's not all, of course! College is also the time to meet new friends, join different school organizations, and make every possible choice that would help prepare you for your future career.

There's one more thing college girls all secretly (or not-so-secretly) look forward to: the college men. You've probably been eyeing at least one cute dude since last term and wanting to catch his attention. But what you don't know is he was probably waiting to get close to you, too.

Cosmo went to Taft to ask the men of De La Salle University what kind of girl would grab their attention, and exactly how they plan to ask her out. Early this year, we asked them what they think of ladies’ fashion choices in school. This time, check out our new crop of La Sallian hotties and find out if you're the kind of girl that they'd like to ask out. Be sure to give him a little more encouragement when he finally works up the nerve to ask you out on a date!
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