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Here Are The Crystals That Can Help With Your Love Life

Attract a new love, communicate better, or improve your current relationship!
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These days, crystals are becoming more popular than ever. Everyone—from your favorite actresses to your co-workers—are either wearing them as bracelets or using them as decorative pieces. And while all this hype makes it easy to dismiss crystals as just another new age trend, the sort of thing you get into when you want to get rid of bad juju, there is a science behind the use of crystals. 

In fact, a little bit of digging will show you that scientists have been harnessing the power of crystals in optics, solar technology, and most notably, disk storage for years. 

In 1994, Stanford University physicists made headlines when they successfully stored and retrieved a holographic image of the Mona Lisa using a crystal. As recently as 2013, scientists from the University of Southampton in the UK came out with what they’re calling a Superman memory crystal, which can apparently store data for 13.8 billion years.

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How To Make It Work For You

Luckily, using the power of crystals for your own needs doesn’t require a PhD in Physics. It does, however, require an open mind and a positive attitude. 

“The more we work with crystals, the more they are able to record our programs or information, and magnify them to influence our vibrations,” says Noel Resella, metaphysician and meditation and crystal teacher. 

“And when they influence our vibrations, we start to—well, some people say attract, but for me, since it is part of you already—your reality will start to reflect those programs. 

In this case, programs refer to data that we “program” into the crystals. For example, if you say that you are well-loved and happy, the crystal will absorb your positive energy, and reflect that same energy back to you. 

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Types Of Crystals

Aside from having the right mindset, choosing the right crystal is also important. All clear crystals have the capability to record programs and receive energy, but they also have different specializations. Here are some of them:

Rose quartz
Perhaps the crystal most associated with love, the rose quartz with its pinkish hue is good for attracting general, romantic, and universal love. However, it’s also a crystal that’s good for those who want to have children.

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If pink quartz attracts love, morganite helps love stay in your life. A little on the expensive side, this pink crystal represents higher spiritual love. 

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Similar to morganite, rhodochrosite is also expensive and good for keeping love in your life. It also helps foster more self-love. 

This is a crystal for forgiveness and emotional healing. 

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Much like morganite, Kunzite also pushes your relationship to a more spiritual level. It also has a gentler energy than other crystals. 

Pink opal
If you want to introduce more adventure and spice into your love life, pink opal can help. This is good for relationships that have become a little lackluster over the years. 

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This violet crystal is helpful if you want to induce positive transformation in your relationship. 

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Carnelian, ruby, and garnet
These dark reds are equated with power and passion. 

Green amethyst, prasiolite, emerald, and masonite
Meanwhile, these greens promote harmony in the relationship. It’s also recommended that you wear them together. 

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Angelite and seraphinite 
If you’re more comfortable with the idea of angels, you might want to consider getting your hands on angelite and seraphinite. Although a little difficult to obtain, these crystals can supposedly call on angels to help your relationship. 

Aquamarine and turquoise 
These blue crystals help open communication lines in your relationship. If you feel like your partner just isn’t hearing you or vice-versa, these are the crystals for you. 

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Ocean jasper
Characterized by the circular patterns on its surface, ocean jasper helps extinguish negative karmic cycles in your relationship. 

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This black crystal gives protection to your relationship. 

Only found in the Dominican Republic, this crystal is great for communication and pulling in your soulmate. 

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How To Use Crystals

Once you’ve decided on the type of the crystal you want, the next thing you need to do is find the right rose quartz or pink opal for you. It’s all about compatibility. Hold a crystal in your hand and try to get a feel for its energy. A throbbing or pulsing sensation is a sign that you’re connecting with the crystal. Avoid crystals that make you feel uneasy. According to Resella, those crystals might still carry negative energy from their previous owners. 

After you’ve decided on a specific crystal, you’ll need to cleanse it, so you can start anew. “Anybody who has handled the crystal might have put in their vibrations or programs into the crystal and that would affect you,” he advises. 

There are different ways to cleanse a crystal, but one of the easiest ones is to hold the crystal under running water and say something like, “All negativity will be washed away by the water” three times with conviction. Most people do this for anywhere from a minute to a few seconds. Let your intuition guide you. 

Once that’s done, you can now program the crystal. It all starts with self-love. Hold it in your hand while you send thoughts of gratitude and affirmation to the crystal. 

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“I am well-loved. I am grateful for I am in a happy and loving relationship. I am nurtured.” 

For the first two weeks, wear the crystal close to your skin, so it can influence your vibrational frequency. If you’re wearing it as a bracelet, wear it on your left wrist, because the left side of the body is known as the receiving side. If you’re not using it as an accessory or if you’re dealing with a rough crystal, put it inside a small pouch and carry it with you. 

In the event that your crystal breaks, don’t worry. This usually means that it has done its work for you. “Bury it in the earth or use it for meditation,” says Resella. 

What To Remember About Using Crystals

Using crystals to attract love or nurture a relationship can be exciting, but Resella says that it all starts with loving oneself. What you project out to the universe will undoubtedly be what you’ll receive. A crystal just helps you amplify it. 

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Results manifest differently for everyone as well. Our tip: Focus less on whether you’ll meet someone new today or find improvement in your current relationship and more on how the crystal makes you feel empowered or well-loved. Don’t let self-doubt seep into your life. 

“Love is an energy that pushes people together,” says Resella. “And the universe is teeming with energy.” There’s certainly more than enough to go around. 

Noel Resella holds workshops on crystal reiki, basic crystals, and crystal healing. Follow him on Facebook to learn more.