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DOs and DON'Ts: How To Be The Best Girlfriend

We're sure you already know the basic relationship rules by heart. But, getting more handy tips can definitely still help a Cosmo girl.

Some girlfriend dos and don'ts are better known than others. For sure, you know that you should tell your guy how great he is in bed, and not how amazing sex with your ex was. But, in certain situations, it can be hard to know what behavior is over-the-top or just right.  How much should you say in one text? Should you be snuggling up to him in front of his buddies? What do you bring when you meet the parents? Behold, the codigo. Do this, not that...

Hanging With The Guys

Do watch the game with his friends. Spending an afternoon on the couch with his pals says you're easygoing and cool...and he'll appreciate your making an effort to get to know his boys.

Don't cheer really loudly, chug beers, or tell green jokes. Let's put it this way: It's really hard for him to be sexually attracted to someone who reminds him of his buddies.

Leaving Stuff At His Place

Do "forget" your necklace. Leave behind a pretty, delicate piece of jewelry (such as a little gold necklace) and he'll think of you in similar terms every time he sees it.

Don't leave a toothbrush in his bathroom. An unsolicited toothbrush or other toiletries will give him the impression you're moving too fast—and that may freak him out.

Giving Him Gifts

Do buy him tickets. Present him with two tickets to see his favorite team or band and you'll win major points for being thoughtful and creative.

Don't get him a sweater. He gets plenty of clothes from his mom. And, you don't want him to associate you with her, do you? Didn't think so.

Wearing Lingerie

Do wear a matching lace bra and underwear. Sets that come in white or pastel colors—think lavender or light pink—give him a little peek at what's in store while you still look feminine and innocent.

Don't wear something he needs an engineering degree to get off you. Teddies and little nighties with ties, buckles, and bows are hot, but he'll be too busy trying to figure out how to get you out of it to notice how amazing you look.

Sending Him Texts

Do type "Last night was amazing. Repeat 2nyt?" Keeping your message short and provocative will ensure he stays totally intrigued.

Don't send a message that's more than two sentences. To him, texting is for quick communication. Sending him a novel is analogous to a droning phone call.

Public Displays Of Affection

Do give him a quick kiss.  He'll feel proud in front of his buddies if you give him a subtly sexy signal, like pecking him on the cheek or holding on to his arm as you walk.

Don't be all over him. Guys want to appear tough in public, so if you're always sitting on his lap or trying to make out with him, he'll feel uncomfortable.

Failing To Orgasm

Do let him know you still enjoyed it. Giving him a deep kiss when the deed is done shows him that, even though you didn't reach the finish line, it still felt damn good. To up your odds of peaking next time, guide his hand. He'll appreciate the help.

Don't fake it. He will think everything was satisfactory and won't learn what it takes to actually get you off. Now that would be seriously tragic.

Visiting His Parents

Do bring them something homemade. Showing up with freshly baked oatmeal-raisin cookies shows you spent time thinking about them instead of just swinging by the store. Plus, his mom will be thrilled her son's babe can bake.

Don't bestow flowers or anything pricey. Fresh-cut flowers require him—or his mom—to duck into the kitchen to arrange them, and over-the-top gifts (such as a too expensive bottle of wine or a crystal vase) are, well, over-the-top.

Going Away For The Weekend

Do go to the beach or go hiking. In the beginning of a relationship, take an adventure-based trip, like going surfing or wakeboarding. The adrenaline rush will boost your bond, and a built-in activity safeguards against awkward downtime.

Don't check into a sleepy bed and breakfast. Staring at each other over fresh coffee and croissants and going antiquing all day may sound romantic to you, but these kinds of esoteric activities bore most men to death.

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