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Everything You Knew About First-Time Sex And The Hymen Is Wrong

"Physically speaking, virginity doesn't exist."

We were taught in school and we've seen in books, TV shows, and movies that we women have a hymen and that it tears when we have sex for the first time. And our bleeding is the sole proof to our partner that we were virgins until that moment.

But that stuff is BS. It's already been found again and again that the hymen isn't a reliable indicator of virginity. Since those written researches/reports weren't enough to spread like wildfire, CollegeHumor finally made a video to finally put that hymen myth (and all its implications about how first-time sex is supposed to be like and other oppressive ideas) to an end.


You might wonder why you (or other people you know) bled when you lost your V-card. One answer was already in the clip: The guy wasn't careful when he entered. Or it could also be your anxiety. You've seen, read, and heard that the first time is painful, so when you were about to do it you were scared of the pain and the blood, among other things like getting pregnant, if the guy will still love you or will now leave you, and what your parents would think of you if they found out. That anxiety, by making you physically (you dry up!) and emotionally not ready for sex, turns discomfort into pain.

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Moral of the story? The female body's been wronged for years, and myths about the hymen and female virginity oppress women. It's time we all stop perpetuating them and teach those boys a lesson.

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