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For the Guys: Why We Want You to Dress Up

If you haven't shopped since college and you think baggy jeans and oversized shirts are still the epitome of cool, you need to step up your game in the style department, stat.

If you’re one of the many men out of there who think it’s unmanly to care about how you look—think again. Fact is there’s nothing sexier than a well-dressed man, and we’ve got the testimonies to prove it. Here’s why it might be a good idea to refresh your wardrobe, for your girl’s sake. You never know where looking spiffy might get you.

We want you to make an effort for us.
Call us crazy, but we think dressing up for each other is a great way to keep the fire burning. We love that you now feel more comfortable around us, but we love it even more when we see you making an effort to look your best, even if there’s no one else around. Besides, if you don’t want us to let ourselves go, it’s just fair that you do your share too.

Simply put: There’s a dress code.
When attending formal events, like weddings, there’s no escaping the dreaded dress code. We know it can be a drag sometimes. But honestly, seeing you all dressed up makes going to these events that much more exciting. Denise, a 26-year-old broker, says, “I secretly look forward to attending weddings with him because it’s one of those rare occasions when he’s dressed up,” she said. “There’s just something about a suit that makes a guy automatically look so dignified…and sexy.” Remember how your girl was lusting over Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love? Very valid, we must say.

We’ll look so nice together.
In the same way men like to show off their girlfriends, we like walking around with arm candy too! Tracy, a 26-year-old fashion stylist, admits she loves it when her guy dresses up. “My BF and I are opposites. He’s a casual, jeans-and-sneakers kind of guy; you’ll rarely catch me without accessories or heels on. I really love it when he puts on a nice dress shirt because he looks so good in it. Plus, nothing makes me more kilig than when people do double-takes at us—and say that we make a great-looking pair.” See, when you’ve got the total package going on, we can’t help but want to parade you around.

I can show you off to family and friends.
By now, you probably know that what the people closest to us think of you is important. It probably won’t be enough to win them over, no matter how likeable you are, when you’re sloppily dressed and “hygienically” challenged. Ann, a 22-year-old pre-school teacher, says: “I think it’s a good sign when your BF dresses up to meet your family. It means he values their opinion and wants to earn their respect.” But hey, we get it: It’s not easy to impress the folks and even harder to wow our BFFs. And while you would argue that you don’t have to, here’s the truth: It would mean so much to us if you did.

We want you looking FB-worthy.
Admit it, guys have their “Ahhh! Un-tag!” moments too. Now more than ever, it’s so easy to have a bad picture of you surface online and have it last forever for all your 1,000+ Facebook friends to see. These days, very few pics escape the web. With a mass of social media sites left and right and smartphones providing instant access, you never know where one picture can go—or who is looking at them! Our word of advice: Always be prepared. Don’t wear anything you’d be ashamed to be seen wearing years from now, lest you want those photos to haunt you forever. Besides, you know how much we love sharing our adventures on Facebook, why not give us more reason to show you off to the world?

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