Get Him To Compliment You

Does your guy hold back on praises? Cosmo teaches you how to prod him into giving you the ear candy you deserve.

Dish It First

“Boost your man’s ego and he’s more likely to verbalize what he likes about you,” says Terrence Real, PhD, author of How Can I Get Through to You? Something like “Your butt looks hot” should loosen his lips.

Ask For His Opinion

“Men don’t mind a little direction when it comes to making you happy,” says Real. So if he hasn’t noticed your fab new haircut, give him a clue. Say, “I got my hair cut. You like?”

Tease It Out of Him

Try some flirty conversation. “When a guy feels desired, he’s driven to make you feel the same way,” explains Real. “So that’s when the flattery flies.”

Be Cool About It

When he does dish out the props, reward him with a big kiss or a killer smile. “Over-the-top thanks will embarrass him,” says Real, “but show him you’re pleased and he’ll realize giving you a little praise is worth his while.”

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